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Noel Kusanagi - Tsularia's Clustering Hope Empty Noel Kusanagi - Tsularia's Clustering Hope

Post by NoelKusanagi on Sat Feb 04, 2017 7:02 pm

Noel Kusanagi - Tsularia's Clustering Hope 2zvAPqj

Name: Noel Kusanagi
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Faction: Carvas Rebellion

Deck Name: Clustering Bonds
Ace Card: Stardust Dragon

Deck Description: Warrior Synchro deck based around the Synchron archtype and their respective Warrior-type Synchro monsters. Maximizing potential of low level monsters for explosive Synchro plays. Stardust Dragon being the ace monster that covers the effect destruction-vulnerable Warrior Synchroes.

Character Skill: Super Accel Synchro - Once per turn, during your turn, you can use one monster on your opponent's side of the field as Synchro material for a Synchro monster with "Stardust" or "Warrior" in it's card name. The monster synchro summoned with this effect cannot attack and its effects are negated until end of turn. When this effect is used, take 800 damage.

Personality Description: Very optimistic and kind. Will put herself in front of the line in order to protect what she treasures the most. Will not give up, even against strong adversity. As long as she is able to draw a card, she has hope for a better future.

Background: A citizen from the city of Tsularia. Always working on random things and turning junk parts into fully usable machines, she was looked at like a genius. Aware of the current state of the rest of the world, her desire was to use her talents to try and make the world a better place. Perhaps hoping that one day, the entire world can finally be united as one. Despite being in a wealthy and luxury-like city, she comes from a poor family and her inventions out of junk parts are what keeps their family stable economically. If only for a little while. With her inventions gaining popularity, things might of started to look up for Noel and her family but of course, something has to get in the way. The city became a target for the other three factions. It was only a matter of time and after serveral years of fighting, Kuronia was winning. With the citizens being scared to fight back, it seemed like the peaceful times of years ago was almost like a dream. Noel and her family tried their best to stay away from all the fighting, to stay safe. But hiding could only last for so long. That was when finally someone stood up to fight back. It was about time that the remaining citizens of Tsularia rise up to arms and fight for their freedom.

That encouraged Noel to join in the fighting and quickly became a member of the Carvas Rebellion. Her family and the city needs to be protected. Individuals might be weak on their own, but when a large group of individuals stand up and join forces with a common goal, they form a clustering bond that can never be broken. It was time for the citizens to join together and retake their freedom. With the remaining money Noel's family had, they helped build Noel a deck that shares that will to unite. The Synchrons, a series of cards based on weak individual monsters whose little power can create an even greater power combined. As well as Stardust Dragon, the culmination of all hope joining together for the sake of freedom. The white dragon will become Noel's symbol for freedom. Now Tsularia's tech genius will become one of their clustering hopes.

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