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Sophie "Holy Child of the Goddess" Empty Sophie "Holy Child of the Goddess"

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Divine Awakening:

Sophie "Holy Child of the Goddess" Heavens_feel
Name: Sophie
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Faction: Kingdom of Soralia

Numbers: Number 10: Illumiknight, Number 39: Utopia (its evolutions for development)
Deck Name: [link list to the name please]
Ace Card: Number 39: Utopia
Deck Description: Constellars for level changing and Xyz Summoning and summoning her ace monster and protector, Number 39: Utopia

Character Skill: (Only use for Goddess Awakening state) Twice a turn, target one "Constellar" monster on the field with a Level. Increase or decrease the targetted monster's level by 1. Discard one "Constellar" Spell or Trap Card from your hand, then target one Xyz Monster on your side of the field. Xyz Summon a monster with the same Type and Attribute as that monster that is one Rank higher using the targetted monster as the material. (All Xyz Material attached to the targetted monster are attached as well). You cannot target monsters summoned with this skill on the same turn they are summoned.

Personality: Sophie is an innocent, cheerful, and playful child that just does not see the true state of the world. However when she must take her duty as the Holy Daughter, she acts a bit more matured, showing loving understanding to those that plea for her guidance, always finding a way to help her people or charisma and full of passion when she must give speeches. Being raised in the Church for her entire life and guided by Aracelia, she sees the holy woman as close to a mother as possible, seeing no faults in her and believes everything she tells her without a single shred of doubt.

Background: The day Sophie was born was a tremendous day for the entire Kingdom of Soralia and possibly the entire world. A ray of light had shone from the heavens down to where she was delivered, the light somehow able to shine down on the newborn baby till it took the form of a card. Those that came to see such a sight felt at peace in the presence of the special baby. Many called it a blessing given to them by the Goddess. But while the people of Soralia saw it as a curse, one other saw it as a opportunity. Aracelia had also witness the spectacle and had her, along with the card that had appeared, taken from her mother, having the mother secretly taken away with no one knowing where the mother of the blessed child disappeared to or suspecting anything. Meanwhile Sophie was taken to Aracelia who would decided to use her for her own ambitions.

For 13 years Sophie was raised and secluded to the walls of the Church, shown to the world a Daughter of the Goddess, delivered to them to bring prosperity and peace to the world. The only time Sophie was ever allowed out was for speeches from the highest part of the Church, or for important meetings that was mandatory to attend. Even then, Aracelia always was at her side, guiding her. Though she was heavily protected, Aracelia made sure Sophie was able to defend herself, especially with her holy card: Number 39: Utopia, a powerful holy knight that always stood ready to defend the Holy Daughter.


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