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Rena Yayoi "The Dark Rebel" Empty Rena Yayoi "The Dark Rebel"

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Rena Yayoi "The Dark Rebel" YedDqw9

Name: Rena Yayoi
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Faction: Carvas Rebellion

Deck Name: Rebelraptors
Ace Card: Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon
Deck Description: Its ruriraptors with Dark Rebellion stuff. Nuff said.

Character Skill: Undying Hatred - Once a turn, banish one "Rank-Up-Magic" Spell card from your Graveyard, then target 3 DARK Xyz Monsters from the Graveyard. Return those monster to the Extra Deck. If one of the target is "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon" and your opponent has a monster with 2000 or more ATK while your Lifepoint is 2000 or less, you may pay 1000LP, Special Summon two Level 4 "Raidraptor" monsters from Graveyard and immediately Xyz Summon "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon" with those monsters.

Personality: Rena is an extremist that believes there is no moral line that cant be crossed to get the job done. She is paranoid when it comes to her 'allies', giving them no trust from her, not even to their leader though she has respect for him at the very least and will follow his commands. Rena hates the other factions and its people as well as those within the Rebellion that still have connections to them and is deeply opposed to allying with them. She has no care for relaxation and having fun, wanting to just keep attacking the factions without rest. She does have a weak side to her, specifically when she is treated with motherly or fatherly love as it reminds her of her father. Eventually if her walls are broken down with enough persistence, Rena will crumble into the crying, sorrowful girl that cries for her father back. But one she has calmed, those mental walls will resurface and she returns to being the murderous avenger.

Background: Rena Yayoi, a woman whose past is just as tragic as many others who have been thrown in the middle of this war that tears apart the world. Her father, formerly a Kuronian soldier, had been fed up with the war and took her away to a town that kept themselves away from the war. They lived there in peace for a few years before even the peaceful town was engulfed by the flames of war and turned into a battlefield. Rena and her father tried to escape, but her father was eventually caught in an attack that had been heading towards Rena as he pushed her to safety. There was nothing left of him to bury. All Rena could do was run. Run and run and run as far as she could. When she could no longer run, she screamed out in pain, grievance, and despair. And then her sorrow turned into fury. Rena vowed from there she would avenge her father and kill those the factions that continue to fight each other while destroying everything that were in their warpath. It was then as if her words were heard that a mysterious woman approached her.

Rena, still grieving and filled with rage, was about to attack the woman, believing she was part of the armies that had caused her father's death. But the woman quickly subdued her. Instead, the woman gave Rena a black card, telling her that with this card, she could achieve whatever she desired. The woman left her there shortly after, leaving Rena there to muse over what just happened. She looked at the black card, Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon. She could feel the power coming from it and a part of her knew with this dragon, she could get her vengeance. And so Rena embarked on her own warpath, using the power of the Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon to take down small groups of soldiers from each factions to sate the fury that became her drive.

Eventually down the line, Rena realized she could not just keeping going for small fries. Her revenge would only be complete when she take down the leaders that led their army to this godforsaken war. Luckily for her, she heard of a group that had started a revolution against the factions. Rena wasted no time in getting a meeting with this rebellion's leader, showing how capable she was in taking down their mutual enemies. From then on, Rena fought not just for the fury that course through her blackened soul, but for the Carvas Rebellion as well.


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