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Post by Agito on Thu Jan 19, 2017 1:21 am

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Name: Aaron Boyce
Gender: Male
Age: 47
Faction: Republic of Mizunia

Numbers: No. 81
Deck Name: Chugging Along
Ace Card: Number 81: Superdreadnought RailCannon Superior Dora
Deck Description: Uses train cards to summon Rank 10 XYZ monsters. Uses Rank 4's to support this strategy.

Character Skill: None? Can't think of a skill that wouldn't be broken.

Background: Aaron was part of the Republic's military since he was a teenager. Though he started with the belief that he was fighting to spread superior ideals to the other factions. He was disenchanted with the idea over time, as he witnessed the uglier side of the Republic and the more human side of the other factions. Though he secretly harbors sympathy for the other factions, Aaron could not abandon his countrymen either. With no other alternative he continued to fight in the war going through the motions.
Currently Aaron observes next generation of youth are moving into the forefront of the conflict,making the same mistakes  he made. Though this serves to displease him, Aaron continues to operate in the military doing as much damage control within his means.

Personality: Aaron has grown skeptical over the years. He doubts people, movements, feelings, and himself. However, he makes an effort to respect the autonomy of others so as to not pass judgement too quickly. He is a think first act later sort of guy. He assess situations before diving in. He talks things out before reaching conclusions. At his best he is empathetic, and flexible. At his worst he is indecisive and contrarian.


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