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Gaen Junishiro [Duive's RP dude] Empty Gaen Junishiro [Duive's RP dude]

Post by DuiveSama on Sat Jan 14, 2017 1:18 pm

Name: Gaen "Gachi" Junishiro

Gaen Junishiro [Duive's RP dude] 58b09d289d212839997c640ddb456f04
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Faction: Kuronian Empire
Numbers: None
Deck Name: Gearwork Melancholy
Ace Monster: Chaos Ancient Gear Giant
Deck Description: Collecting various monsters to both maintain field presence and perform powerful Fusion Summons.

Character Skill: Adamant Assembly
"Target 1 Ancient Gear monster in your Hand or Graveyard and Banish monster(s) in your Graveyard that are equal to or more than that target's level and Special Summon it."

Personality: Being indifferent towards most things, Gaen excels at misdirection. Cunning and somewhat random but always seriously casual when it comes to interacting with others. His sense of humor is sometimes seen as dry and distasteful. Gaen prefers the company of laboratory equipment and machinery over actual people. Despite not suffering from any sort of social inabilities, such as shyness or cowardice, Gaen simply desires the functionality of things surrounding him and frowns upon incompetence. Usually takes a neutral stance on any given occasion, only bothering to take action when necessary.  
His belief in that the here and now is meaningless allows for further thought into the actions of himself and others around. To Gaen, all things designed for a purpose should, at the very least, fulfill that purpose, if not, the existence of that particular thing is therefore invalid.

Bio: Born to a poor family in the slums and later taken into an orphanage was adopted by rich family brought up an academic scholar in a well-endorsed environment. Raised with multiple other children competing for the same lavish right to live in the estate, Gaen rose above the ranks despite the overwhelming pressure for constant success. Eventually taking the spot at the right of the family's head, Gaen became invaluable in terms of insight and resource management. But in the end, was forced step down due by those whom he served. Now he finds mechanical contraptions his only solace in a world so tied up in trivial affairs.

Height: 6,1
Weight: 186 lbs
Body Type: Lean/Fit
Skin: Pale

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