Sho Arizaki, "The Phantom Raven"

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Sho Arizaki, "The Phantom Raven" Empty Sho Arizaki, "The Phantom Raven"

Post by Vermillion Lancer on Sun Mar 29, 2015 12:44 am

Name: Sho Arizaki

Age: 17

Faction: Carvas Rebellion (Leader)

Deck Name: The Black Feathers of Revolution
Deck Description: A Blackwing deck that focuses on unleashing Murder upon the enemy.  By bringing forth a large number of monsters, it allows for both Synchro and Xyz tactics, or simply comboing the monsters on the field with each other to strike devastating blows.  The deck later gains the powers of the "Red Dragon Archfiends," a series of monsters capable of wiping away anything that dare stand against it.
Character Skills:
"The Phantom Knife" Once per turn, if you have at least 2000 lifepoints less than your opponent's, when an opponent's monster(s) is destroyed by battle or by card effect, your opponent takes damage equal to that monster's level x300 (If multiple monsters are destroyed, damage is based on the highest level monster destroyed)

Other character skills will remain secret until later.

Personality Description: The quickest way to define Sho's true personality is the word "Romantic," in more ways than one.  Despite causing and living through what many would consider a 'tragic life,' he is quite confident and outgoing.  He prefers to keep his real name secret, revealing it to almost nobody, telling those who ask to refer to his as "The Phantom" or "The Raven."  Despite being a thief, he is quite the gentleman, a trait inherited from his 'mentor.'  
His 'normal' persona is of a reserved teenager with little to say.  He keeps to himself, speaking nothing about his personal life to others to keep his identity a secret.
Hating oppression in any form, he desires a world of true freedom where anyone can do anything regardless of power.  He will go to any lengths to achieve this desire, even if it means not being able to live to see it.

 "STOP!  YOU VIOLATED THE LAW!  Pay the court a fine or serve your sentence.  Your stolen goods are now forfeit."
"But my family's dead."
[Actual Backstory WIP]

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