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Yuu Shinohara - "Lost in Stereo" 2wrlnrm

Name: Yuu Shinohara
Gender: smol boyo
Age: 16
Faction: Republic of Mizunia (Deserter of Kuronia)
Number(s): Number 104: Masquerade, Number 55: Gogogo Goliath, Number 23: Lancelot, Dark Knight of the Underworld

Deck Name: Wish Upon a Star
Ace Card: Gagaga Magician
Deck Description: Magicians, berserkers, warriors, witches and tongue twisters all around for this ragtag group of syllabically impaired mischief makers. The monsters used in the main deck aren't all that powerful by themselves, but by combining their efforts and praying for a few miracles, the deck compiles and amounts to be an incredibly flexible overlay engine with the ability to make some of the most extraordinary Xyz monsters possible. Thus, the sky is no longer a boundary.

Character Skill(s) + Development:
<X>Master of Xyz
As progression of Yuu's Xyz Mastery increases, he is no longer bound to a 15 card Extra Deck, at the expense of no longer being able to play any monsters in his Extra Deck except for Xyz Monsters.
All "Gagaga", "Dododo" and "Gogogo" monsters on the field, in your hand or in the graveyard are also "Gagaga","Dododo" and "Gogogo" monsters. This skill carries on throughout all iterations of Yuu's development.

<1>The One Star
Once per turn you can target 1 "Gagaga" monster you control, discard one card from your hand and Special Summon 1 monster from your hand, then make that monster's level equal to the targeted monster's until end of turn.

<2>Feel the Noise
Once per turn, you may detach an Xyz material from an Xyz monster you control with at least 1 Xyz material, then target 1 "Gagaga" monster in your graveyard, Special Summon it and then choose a number between 1 and 8, that monster's level becomes that level until end of turn, also it cannot attack during the Battle Phase.

<3>Hollow God - Absolute Psyche Control
Once per turn, if you control no monsters, you may choose up to 5 Xyz monsters in your graveyard of different Ranks and Special Summon them, also their ATK and DEF become 0 and their effects are negated, then take x400 damage for each monster summoned this way. Immediately after this resolves, target 1 Xyz monster from your Extra Deck, use Xyz monsters you control as Xyz materials for an Xyz summon of the targeted monster ignoring the Level, Type, and Attribute requirements of it, also you may not use an Xyz monster as an Xyz material if its Rank is equal to the Rank of the targeted monster being summoned. All Xyz monsters on your side of the field that were Special Summoned from the graveyard using this skill are banished during the end phase.

Eclectic and ideological, Yuu is an anomaly among his peers. He is always provoked by thought and independent in his endeavors, often more so than he should be. He falls prey to indifference and reluctance to share his thoughts, ideas, emotions or inner desires with other individuals. His beliefs and motives are his alone, and he doesn't want to shove them down anybody else's throat, and thus prefers that others would provide him the same kinds of benefits.

He's conversationally competent but prefers to remain inside his head unless directly confronted, that is to say unless he is provoked. Yuu does possess somewhat of a temper that he could never escape since he was much younger and threw tantrums at the slightest breeze of unfortunate circumstances. He has become a denser shell to crack, but even the toughest bunker has its cracks that can fall apart. The emotional barrier he provides himself is weak to provocation, especially against touchy subjects regarding his mother's well-being, his origins as a Kuronian, or the last time he cared for someone (other than his parents) which he struggles to remember on a daily basis. This is likely due to the fact that Yuu's indifferent nature lead him on a rather lonely and disfigured path.

Aside from his obvious flaws, he does possess redeeming qualities that make him not all but forgettable. His ability to adjust and adapt to new situations makes him a great 'tactician' so to speak, someone worthy of consultation when the situation is dire. That said, because of his apathy, most of this responsibility lies on whether or not he has a reason to care. If he himself is not in direct danger, or someone he also needs alive for one reason or another, than he will likely reserve himself. Some call this selfishness, he prefers to title it "wasting time and energy." In the end, Yuu is just as faint-of-heart as many others, but creates barriers and walls around himself, donning a figurative mask to keep his heart safe.


Selective Hearing

Yuu Shinohara, age 16. Born in to a middle-class family in the Kuronian Empire. He was raised by a meticulous and careful father, a watchmaker, and a ferocious and dangerous mother, a soldier. He spent much of his time reading and studying literature, much of his school life spent in doors at his own home. This is likely due to the fact that his father did not believe in any form of education other than what the parents themselves knew, to teach their only son. Their adoptive son. Yuu spent a lot of this time under the vigilance of his family and under strict Kuronian rules. These early years to led to an unpredictable and intense future, as Yuu forced himself to grow much fast in a word full of evident danger.

Similarly to the circumstance, Yuu spent little time outside of the home, finding the ability to create social networks very limited. Most children or adolescents of his time all greeted and grew attached to one another at orientation; they all created their sense of camaraderie in the schools. Yuu was left out of this circle, and thus grew somewhat spiteful. This didn't last long, as Yuu finally started coming into his own nearing the age of 15.

Lost in Translation

Yuu became acquainted with another young boy his age through his architecture lessons. They met if not but briefly, outside of the steps to the education hall in Kuronia. The boy was tan with blonde hair, short and scraggly but always smiling. Yuu stared in awe at this boy's amazing grin. His teeth were precious pearls that Yuu had never put so much value in before, and the boy was giggly and bubbly and all of the things Yuu was not, but wanted to be in some way.

These small meetings happened right outside of the education hall, for roughly thirty seconds everyday for five months. Yuu learned all about this boy; he learned what the boy's favorite food was, how fast the boy was (they raced occasionally with what time they had), how strong the boy had grown over those five months, and even some of the subtler and touchier information. Yuu was intrigued by the boy's circumstances, living here on his own to study in Kuronia, as his family is from Mizunia and he had to sneak in here to attend the schooling he wanted. Yuu was astonished and proud at the same time, feeling a sense of kinship with the boy. At some point, they probably referred to each other as best friends, as they faced similar circumstances. A world where alone is the safest way, but the hardest way. Both by circumstance, though one was not by choice.

Yuu's 15th birthday approached, and he was promised a gift today if he visited the hall steps as he always did around this time. He was nearly fully sprinting over to the hall to catch the boy in time, to find out what he had to say, or what gifts he had for Yuu. He wanted nothing more than to accept his first gift from someone other than his father. As he arrived at the steps, coated in a thin layer of cool sweat biting the November air, he felt something amiss. The boy wasn't there, and this was the first time that he, unannounced, had not been there before Yuu. He waited a bit, assuming something incredibly urgent had come up, though no news of what that was caught his ears in the end.

He went home in the snow, feeling the eerie atmosphere dissipate with the vague warmth of his house's cranked heater. Nobody was home, as usual around this time. His father was probably down the road at his workshop he was able to afford a few months ago, and his mother was likely conducting official business downtown or in some other land. Yuu crept through the house anyways, just in case one of them had decided to crash early, if they caught Yuu coming home so late from lessons he'd surely get an incredibly strict reprimanding, donning upon several of his elders' "cruel and unusual punishment." He'd rather not feel that sort of pain at this hour.

He seated himself against the back wall of the living room, between a glass table and recliner. He hung his head low between his knees, taking a moment to flick on the news as he thumbed around aimlessly against the rubber buttons on the damned remote. When he heard the flick of static, he was greeted with haughty cheers and nationalistic cries of Kuronia's strength. Yuu felt a stinging static against the back of his neck, as he rose his face to see the screen. Pasted against the electrified glass was a small boy, tan and blonde and sobbing. Not smiling. Yuu wasn't smiling either, now. His eyes got big and puffy, the wetness around his eyes starting to grow. He dashed off his feet to the door, just a moment too late before he heard his mother's voice on the television.

Today was execution day, and refugees were the first to go.

I Say, You Say

Yuu sat upon a wooden stand in the center of the governing district of Kuronia, his knees pressed against the splintered boards and his hands clutching cold flesh. The boy had a wet card in his hand, his tan and cold hand. Yuu pulled it out of his post-mortem clutches, looking at it in bewilderment. What was this card? Why were there so many piled around the boy? Why was he cold and not smiling anymore?

The boy was given a last chance to survive for treason, as he was not just a boy here on educational leave. He was a spy sent by Mizunia to report back information regarding the statues of limitations, government and military power that was heading the Empire. The boy had been caught passing into the city gates, trying to reach the hall steps to meet Yuu. Yuu's mother wasted no time dispatching the boy via these cards, and sent his life packing away.

There was a note tucked in the boy's vest pocket, titled "To Yuu, for you."

Yuu sobbed wildly, alone. He pulled the notes corners out to bend the folds so it laid back against his hand. The words were sloppily written, but they were professionally dictated. It said,

"To Yuu, for you.

Good evening, Yuu, and happy birthday! Or at least, happy belated birthday. There are still four or five days left, and you'll be sixteen years of age. I can't possibly express how proud I am of you for your hard work these past couple of semesters. I have a lot to explain, and I do not think I could possibly have enough words to iterate everything I want to tell you, so let me break it down in the simplest and most possible form I can.

I've spent the past several months working for Mizunia, I am not actually a student and I do not have any affiliations with Kuronia. Please forgive me for lying to you, and I understand that you probably cannot and I do not hold that as a transgression against you. More importantly, I want you to understand that despite this, I still care for you and your well being. This may sound hard to believe after what I am saying now, but believe me when I say I would never be writing this if I felt that you weren't worth it.

Anyways, I'm only going to get to see you briefly today, next time we meet up I want to discuss a few things with you. Have you ever heard of dueling? You seem oblivious on the subject and I've never even seen you with a deck before. Well, I heard about a card shop far down the boulevard where the local tavern's are lining up over the next month, I want to buy you a deck as a present. Sorry for spoiling it! Just thought it'd be easier to convince you that way. Anyways, I guess I'll wrap this up quickly. Talk to you soon, Yuu. Keep working hard, and, well.

Take care, my best friend."

The note was cliche, and kind, and heart-wrenching, and talked about plans of the future and that was a future that Yuu was never going to witness. It was a day in the distant, far-off world of dreams that Yuu felt a foreboding feeling sink in his very skin. Yuu pulled the duel disk from the boy, equipping it to his own arm. He collected the cards from the boy's body, reading the card he pulled from the boy's hand one more time.

"Gagaga Magician... What are these stars? And all this..."

After compiling the cards together in a deck, he believed he had collected all of the one's left here. As the final card was placed upon the deck, Yuu's heart began to hurt again, like the feeling of a beginning of a heart attack, but then stops in its tracks just to frighten you, then hurt you again moments later. As he held his chest, he saw a faint glowing appear in his Extra Deck, something he didn't even realize was an Extra Deck. Pulling the card from the slot, it was black on the borders and looked like that of a doll with wings. It read, "Number 104: Masquerade."

He nodded, sniffling and adding the card back to its place, leaving the area before Kuronian guards found out and took Yuu home. His mother might end his life too, if he found out about the circumstances. Did this boy's parents know...? After all, he was only fifteen. There was no way he was a day older, lest he be wearing some magic spell on him, but that wasn't very likely. Yuu had to tell them, he had to alert them that their only son was dead. He also had to get out of here. Kuronia was slowly but surely becoming a hell on a leash, and a soldier draft was going underway.

These Walls Called Calamity; There is Hope

Yuu disappeared in the night, two nights pre-birthday. His family had paid him zero mind anyways, besides to question the sudden hesitance to look his mother in the eye at breakfast. He claimed it was exam anxiety, and they both immediately brushed it off as their son was becoming more and more pathetic without the will to stand. This was almost true, if Yuu hadn't nearly drawn that boy's deck and challenged his mother to a duel for the boy's life. He didn't do that. He would've surely been executed for treason, and felt no mental debate of whether or not his mother would've done it. She was such a jangoistic monster for her country and she'd even kill her husband if he had committed petty larceny against the Empire.

It was without a hitch that he had escaped the walls of the Empire, likely due to his parent's stature, even if guards had seen the boy they must have assumed he had business elsewhere. He was reaching an age where out of city business was common and had no real reason to be checked. Desertion was an unthinkable thing, and therefore he was approached by none, even as he carried the boy's disk and deck with his out of the reaches of the city. He spent days on foot travelling along the roads, hitching rides along highways and around the countries. There were beautiful landscapes he had never seen before, and worlds he had thought were imaginary in consideration of the dark underscape of Kuronia's business and government districts.

After just over a week of travelling, he was met with the brass gates of Mizunia. He was halted as he entered, the guards full well seeing the uniform the boy had bore a Kuronian crest on the chest pocket. They were skeptical and nearly immediately sent for reinforcements in case he was an advanced youth agent or something, but Yuu immediately cried out for them to take the disk and deck. They looked stunted and confused, and it was not until they had been able to closely examine the disk did they notice it had a Mizunian etching on it. They looked at the boy, skepticism still riding their expressions. They took the boy in and had him sent to the government office for a full disclosure of why he was here. It all went well, except for the most fatal flaw that could've been mustered.

Yuu never learned that boy's name. Whether it was the lateral repression of memories or just never having heard it, he couldn't tell them the boy's name who had been executed. Maybe it was for safety. If Yuu didn't know his name, he wasn't as liable. The boy was inadvertently protecting Yuu in the end. While the government took the disk back, they reproduced the deck to Yuu, claiming now that he has accepted it from their own agent, he was the rightful owner of it, regardless of circumstance. He didn't quite understand why they would give it back to him, and he didn't know how to process the information being presented.

He never saw the boy's family, all he was given was an opportunity.

He repressed his memories. Yuu escaped the life he had spent sixteen years cultivating in Kuronia. He was a deserter and a traitor to the Empire. He had brought himself to the Republic in order to firsthand bring apologies from his land, and when he was not able to do that, he had to find new resolve. This landed him a higher-upper rank in the Mizunian Military, having been a prodigal student from Kuronia, he had knowledge aplenty, even if he wasn't the best duelist around, he learned swiftly and efficiently, like anything else he had put his mind to.

Months had passed, Yuu was sixteen years old and the winter approached again. His memories of Kuronia were all but whispers of the past locked in a gate unbroken by realities harsh grasp on the boy. His emotions were now sent off to the void, using a mask of indifference and apathetic masquerading to protect his psychological processes, and make himself stronger. He had to make... someone proud...

But who?

Why was he here?

Yuu had given up on trying to remember, as those memories were now but a dream he had once a long time ago. He was a Mizunian lieutenant and tactician now. He stood by his position with honor, with many backing his aspirations. Even when he was surrounded by allies and comrades now, he was more alone with this thoughts than he had been for the past sixteen years of his life. This was the ultimate fear now residing in Yuu, should he even be able to differentiate fear from anxiety or happiness anymore.

Now, Yuu moves forward with desperate hope in his hands, long lost to memory's past.

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