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“There's nothing in the sea this fish would fear.
Other fish run from bigger things.
That's their instinct.
But this fish doesn't run from anything.
He doesn't fear.”

Mystic Liquid
Believe in Oneself
Awakening the Chaos

Aduain Siorc - "Playful Dreamer" KwnqSvV

Additional Info:

Aduain Siorc - "Playful Dreamer" 2nkrgy
Aduain stands about four feet nine inches tall and usually goes about as seen above. This picture shows what the one at the top of the app does not. Namely the slits on the sides of his body that are his gills/lungs and what he breathes through. Additionally it shows the trident he carries and the one pierced tentacle. He's a bit larger than a human of that same height though. There's a duel disk somewhere too but i'm not gonna get too creative describing where that is or what have you. Capable of changing the color of everything that is blue in the pic but this is the default appearance.

Yet another pic:

On rare occasion Aduain finds himself required to wear clothes and they'll usually look something like this. Formal dress clothes are entirely out of the question for him. When he wears things they need to be open and breathable, particularly the shirts that cover his gills.

Aduain Siorc - "Playful Dreamer" D1HohP6
Chaos Form:

When an Aquarian (name of Aduain's people, see bio for more information) comes into prolonged contact with pollution their body can respond by changing to this chaos form as a natural defense mechanism.

Aduain Siorc - "Playful Dreamer" 68cca1c06fb8a8c9f433f3d27304c80a

Name: Aduain Siorc
Gender: Shark with a pole/Male Fishdood who doesn't check his privilege
Age: 20
Faction: Republic of Mizunia

Numbers: Number 47: Nightmare Shark, Number 32: Shark Drake (Number C32: Shark Drake Veiss as development), Number 17: Leviathan Dragon
Deck Name: Ocean Fantasea
Ace Card: Number 32: Shark Drake
Deck Description: Mermails. Fish. Make Big Fish. Eat other guys. Glub. The deck serves as a representation of Aduain's fantasizing of the ocean and what he might find if he ever gets to explore there. The Mermail monsters are levels 3 and 4 with some more powerful level 7 monsters. They help call their allies usually if destroyed or discarded for an effect. This gives them a fair bit of floating power so they still have the resources to continue. The goal is to make Rank 3 and 4 (though 5, 6 and 7 are possible as well with level manipulation) Xyz monsters with Shark Drake serving as Aduain's ace that he tries his hardest to summon and win with. There are several other sharks in his extra deck as well. All of his Xyz monsters are WATER with the exceptions of Black Ray Lancer and Shark Fortress who are DARK but still closely tied to water either by summoning requirement or appearance.

Character Skill: "Storm Surge" - Xyz Monsters in your extra deck requiring 3 or more Xyz materials can also be Xyz Summoned using only 2 monsters as Xyz materials. If there is a "Shark Drake" Xyz Monster in your graveyard you can banish one "Mermail" monster from your graveyard, Xyz summon that card using two or more monsters on your side of the field as Xyz material (the monsters used can be of any level). When an Xyz material of a card special summoned this way would be sent to the graveyard shuffle it into the deck instead.

Development Skill:

While in chaos form Aduain won't be very mentally stable so this'll be some sorta boss fight type skill for Shark Drake Veiss that I gotta come up with at some point.


Aduain is first and foremost a bundle of energy and excitement. He's naturally curious and driven to explore and learn. This coupled with a degree of shyness around people he's never met makes for awkward first encounters at times. He tends to stare for a while and see what he can figure out before actually approaching the person, sometimes poorly hiding himself to do so. He's a very friendly and straightforward person to the point of lacking tact at times which can add to the awkwardness of first impressions. He's often happy and smiling and wants others around him to be too.

This desire to see others happy has lent itself to Aduain making himself something of a comedian. He tends to speak in fish puns which at first were to be funny but have simply become his normal habit of speaking by this point. He's got a mischievous streak to him and tends to play tricks on people that interest him. While meant in good fun they're not often taken well and yet have led to some lasting friendships despite the rocky start to things.

While not generally an angry person Aduain is at times shockingly easy to annoy. His number one pet peeve is being called basically anything but a shark. Calling him a fish or a person or anything else is sure to elicit a response in all but the most serious of situations. He easily gets embarrassed when people call out how he can be a little clumsy on land. He also dislikes the common human mindset that being taller is better but this mostly because he's shorter than the average human. He detests wearing much clothing but needs to when it gets cold and can be slightly irritable about it. Aduain also gets more irritable the longer it's been since he had a good swim.

Threatening or harming close friends or family is the one way to truly anger Aduain which tends to lead to a sort of shark-like frenzy state of mind where he'll become very aggressive. He's particularly protective of his adopted mother and the deck she made for him and doesn't take insults to either well at all.

Aduain is not super booksmart but is great at picking things up on the fly and getting out of tricky situations. He loves learning little facts here and there but isn't the best at remembering everything he hears. He understands Mizunia's values and holds them close to heart as well as his own ideas about life. He will strongly defend things he believes to be right even without fully understanding them and will openly condemn thoughts or ideas he feels to be fundamentally wrong.

Freedom is the most important thing in the world to Aduain. He longs to explore all the oceans of the world as they represent true freedom to him. As such he believes everyone should be free to pursue their own desires. This can at times make him feel discontent with things going on in his life and this thought stays in the back of his mind influencing his actions. People would would restrict anyone's freedom are despicable to him and he'll let them know it. He tends to encourage people to consider what their dreams are and go make them happen. He'll try to help people who've given up their dreams because he feels as long as he can tell others to not give up he won't ever give up himself.

The positive playful little fish while genuine is mostly all people will get from Aduain until they get close to him. He doesn't exactly hide his feelings about things but he won't really discuss them at detail with someone he doesn't feel he's built up trust with. When he's feeling down he does his best to keep it hidden from everyone because he doesn't want anyone to be sad with him. While he doesn't necessarily seek it, Aduain does enjoy battle and is easily captivated by things he feels are cool or exciting.


Tale of a Lost People, the Aquarians:

The following is the account of how Aduain's people, the Aquarians came to be and what became of them. It is not known to Aduain himself but will be known by a certain NPC and will be revealed as things go on. Potentially plot relevant points involve the material known as Saol which counteracts the effects of pollution in Aquarian bodies and potentially other living things if one were to try. The power of Chaos will also be explained and relevant to Aduain in particular but others as well if desired. Also a figure from this story may well still be around to haunt the current events of the RP.

The Dream of One Man

In the wake of the destructive events 500 years ago that shook the earth to the core with destruction and pollution a small archipelago in the Pacific Ocean known as the Sabhailte Islands became a place of refuge in many ways for many people. Largely untouched by the destruction and removed far enough away from the main continents to escape the pollution for a time it was a safe place to simply live. With that many scientists were drawn to the islands. A safe place to work to find new ways to fix the crisis the world now faced was appealing to many. The Sabhailte were long said to have a certain aura to them as well. The inhabitants were known for being long lived and very healthy. There were remarkable research opportunities all around and many felt the ocean itself held a strange power there.

A young man by the name of Henry Keissner had been on a quest for knowledge all his life and lived about four hundred years ago. Knowledge he felt was the key to saving the planet. He studied everything he could, science, religion, folklore, myth, everything he felt held traces of the truth that would save them all. He developed a theory of a force he came to call simply Chaos. A powerful force of the planet itself that manifested most powerfully in times of natural disasters. Largely it was a destructive power but should it be harnessed one could choose what to destroy, the pollution for example. Driven by this desire to prove his theories correct and aid the Earth, Keissner came to the Sabhailte Islands to examine the strange power the inhabitants had long sworn by. He felt it a showing of the positive potential of Chaos and felt if anywhere he could safely harness it there.

The more Keissner poured over the records of the island and the research of those before him the more he had to turn to one resource: the ocean. Something about the ocean here held remarkable power. The sea life seemed more resilient. Species that had died elsewhere still thrived even as the pollution slowly drifted to the lonely isles. The years wore on slowly and surely as Keissner developed small scale experiments to harness Chaos. His experiments showed signs of success and soon other researchers gathered around him. The team became large all in the hopes of finding humanity's salvation. Their new goal was on a massive scale. They planned to build what they called the Gate of Chaos. In theory it would be a large circular structure, half submerged in the ocean nearby and the space between would fill with chaos and suck the air of the world through, acting as a purifier while the oceans were cleaned in the lower half. It would take years but in theory would work.

The project was ambitious but the people placed their hope in Kreissner's theories. Years passed in the construction of the gate which was massive in size. As its completion drew near, Kreissner had become a middle aged man. His work had consumed him and he'd never bothered searching for love or starting a family. But soon it would all be worth it. Soon all people would have a future again. The pollution was worsening as it reached ever farther into the island's vicinity and while the nearby sea life held on the humans of the islands did not fare as well. The Gate had to work. There was no other alternative. Preliminary tests seemed positive and the hopes of all involved seemed close to realization.

There had been many who had come to Keissner explaining doubts over the years. But for most as the research progressed and further tests supported theories the doubts were set aside. One man was never satisfied. Dr. Edward Mundo continually argued there were fundamental flaws in the Gate's design and that they had no hope of harnessing the power of chaos on the scale for the length of time they hoped for. As the Gate reached completion no one would listen to him and so he stayed by to look on as it all failed as he predicted. No one could have predicted the results of the day the Gate was activated. Not Edward Mundo, not Henry Kreissner, not anyone.

The whole population of the islands gathered together on the shores of the main island to witness the grand ceremony that was the activation of the Gate of Chaos. As the final countdown started, Kreissner was certain he would finally see the miracle he'd long sought for. The machine buzzed to life as all the systems engaged. The energy field slowly established itself within the defined regions of the gate. All at once a blinding light shone forth from the gate as the power of chaos itself was brought into the device. The town rejoiced, the world was saved. Or so they all thought.

All at once the light rained down upon the ocean and in its wake a terrifying darkness emerged. Lives of all kinds were consumed in the shroud and destruction rained down around the towns of the islands. The research team rushed to shut it off but could do nothing to stop what they had brought upon themselves. Eventually the gate collapsed in on itself, barely leaving anything standing above the water. The dust settled and Keissner and the other survivors were left to see what had become of their failed dream.

The first thing that came to Keissner's attention was the form of Dr. Edward Mundo writhing in pain. Before he knew it the man's form changed drastically and all at once he took off to the ocean and never was seen again by the people of the town. Later Keissner would recount that Edward had appeared to be turning purple and mentioned something about how he had won. After this initial shock many more surprises awaited the survivors of the event. Many had died; their bodies vanishing without a trace. Later people would also take note of the various species of sea life that had seemed to go extinct from the effects of the failed gate. Not knowing what to do Keissner could only stumble back to his lab in defeat.

To his great alarm his lab was now full of strange creatures, the likes of which he had never seen before. They appeared to be bipedal, almost human like. And they resembled creatures of the sea. Upon seeing him they panicked, some shouting words in unintelligible language, others with voices Keissner knew well. He tried his best to calm them but they too retreated to the oceans and were never seen again by the town. Utterly broken from the failure of his life's work, Keissner surrendered himself to the pollution of the planet. Many of the survivors left the town but Keissner always stayed there, lamenting his failure. The world was entirely engulfed by the pollutions he'd sought to overcome and soon no one was left who called the Sabhailte Islands home. Keissner trusted his story and research to a man before he died and over time this would find its way to Mizunia and there remained hidden known to very few even to this day.

New Life Hidden in the Ocean

The creatures created by the Gate of Chaos incident were intelligent and largely human when it came down to it. The power of chaos had warped together the humans the darkness had claimed and various forms of sea life. The creatures had intelligence and language and other similar things but no memories left from the humans taken to create them. Upon their discovery they retreated from the ocean and stayed far away from interacting with humans. While a great tragedy to the humans above, it was truly a miracle. These new creatures were more resistant to the pollution that now plagued the planet. Tucked away deep under the ocean they now had a chance to continue living.

Though their appearances differed they agreed upon a name for themselves: the Aquarians. In the vast underwater cave systems a thriving community soon began to establish itself on the ocean's floor. For the next three hundred years they would grow in population and size and yet still remained away from human discovery.

The Aquarians come in two basic varieties called Duine and Iasc. The Duine resembled the various human myths of mermaids and while clearly being fish creatures appeared more human than their Iasc counterparts. The Iasc were much more animal like in appearance and their looks were much more varied. All of the Aquarians were still sexually compatible with each other but children from mixed couples would not appeared as a blend of Duine and Iasc but would be one or the other. Initially this wasn't terribly uncommon but as time went on a sort of class division developed among the Duine and Iasc and the mixing of the two became much less acceptable.

All of the effects of the Gate of Chaos may never truly be known but just as there was a great light followed by great darkness so two things followed the Aquarians to their new lives underwater. After about fifty years of their existence the Aquarians happened upon a strange shining stone on the ocean's floor. These stones were infused with the light that had burst forth from the Gate and felt warm to the touch of the Aquarians. They cherished these stones as they found them and soon fashioned things out of it. Statues, weapons, and all other sorts of things were made from them. Due to the brilliance and warmth they named the substance Saol meaning life.

From this the Aquarians developed a sort of religion, worshiping a deity known as Loinner. The women of a particular family of the Duine became maidens to Loinner's shrine, attending to the various performances and rituals that would take place there. Saol was considered a gift from the god Loinner and through the rituals they could invoke his favor and blessing. The beliefs of the religion would shift and change with time and would change with the views of the leaders of the people.

Around one hundred and fifty years ago the darkness from the Gate incident showed itself again to the Aquarians. People were being attacked by an unknown figure and the few that survived could only describe it as moving darkness. Everywhere this darkness went the pollution that had long been mounting in the ocean worsened. Though by no means primitive, the Aquarians lacked technology to deal with this and had long relied on their natural biological resistances and appeals to Loinner for protection. Health was on the decline and the situation seemed hopeless. After a rich two hundred year history would they really be abandoned to die now?

Another miracle occurred. The Aquarians found a change would come over them when the pollution worsened around them, a change that further protected them. They would often change to a strange purple color, with red eyes. It was a little frightening at first but it seemed to be a blessing from Loinner sent to save them. The attacks from the dark figure seemed to becoming less frequent as well. Their problems seemed solved. However it soon became apparent that while this change protected the Aquarians it came with costs. Prolonged exposure to the pollution required longer and longer time spent in this changed form. And soon those who spent the most time in this state began to go mad, losing themselves slowly until they eventually became violent and sadistic toward their fellow Aquarians. But once again Loinner seemed to hear their cries as the Saol they had long treasured showed an ability to restore sanity to those affected, additionally restoring them to their normal appearance.

Saol became a much more highly cherished good than it had ever been. The largely Duine government began to become oppressive to the Iasc people, separating themselves from them in the cities and limiting the amount of Saol Iasc families were allowed to possess. It was a dangerous situation and tensions mounted for years as racism spread and the struggle to obtain more and more Saol intensified. Soon the religious order of Loinner began to dwindle and all but the most faithful of the Duine maidens to the shrine seemed to forget about it. There were of course exceptions among the Duine and Iasc but the importance of pleasing a god meant nothing to a people desperate to maintain their sanity and lives.

A little over twenty years ago war broke out between the Iasc and Duine over Saol. For too long oppressed, the Iasc raised up arms to fight for what they felt was their right claiming the original discoverer of Saol to be an Iasc. The battles were fierce and war soon engulfed the entirety of the ocean's floor over the now vast territory the Aquarians occupied. Most of the people seemed driven to kill or be killed if it meant they wouldn't have to go mad.

There was one family among the Iasc that sorrowed greatly at the tragedy that now engulfed their home. A young man named Lorcc and his wife Sorcha had remained faithful to the order of Loinner and for several years had tried in vain to start a family. After long prayer and waiting Sorcha had finally managed to lay a single egg that contained their soon to be born son. But just as their miracle was occurring, war had broken out. Neither desired to fight despite the hardships they had endured at the hands of the Duine. But with a son soon to come Lorcc felt more than ever a need to defend his family. They had long owned a trident with the tips of the prongs made of Saol which was important to the various rituals of the order of Loinner, and he feared that soon many would come to harm them for it. Rather than give them that chance Lorcc took it into battle.

Though a brave warrior, the war was fierce. And soon the battles had claimed Lorcc's life. He was found with his own trident running him through. His comrades ensured his body and the trident made it home to his family. With their son but months from birth, Sorcha was crushed at the news. But they had talked long and hard about this possibility and she knew what had to be done. Though it pained her greatly she couldn't wait to see her dear husband buried. Sorcha took the trident and their unborn son and in the dark of night fled from their home. Where she was to go she did not know, but it had to be somewhere her son could have a future free from this all consuming war. Already many cities had fallen and countless Aquarians with them. These battles would go on to eliminate the Aquarian race entirely. Knowledge of this as with events surrounding the Gate of Chaos is now preserved only in a very small number of people in Mizunia who were brought word of all this by an unknown figure.

It felt like weeks to Sorcha as she swam tireless through the tainted oceans of the world in search of a place where her son could live safely. She was sure to hold the egg close the lance at all times to keep him safe from the taint that surrounded them. Her body was failing as she couldn't stop to find anything to eat if there was anything. The single thought of preserving her son's life was all the drove her onward. Eventually she knew she would have to turn to the surface. Aquarians had stories and myths concerning the humans that lived above the ocean's surface but surely she could find some place, some one person who would have mercy on her son. It was already apparent to her then that she would soon die from the poisons all around her.

Eventually Sorcha washed up on the shores of Mizunia, barely clinging on to life. She saw humans begin to flock around her marveling at the sight. No one seemed to be threatening violence. It was her only opportunity as her time left was brief. She began pleading with the people around her to care for her son. The people seemed to struggle to understand her but she kept repeating her plea again and again. Her body failed her as she spoke and looking one more time at her son she coughed up blood onto the trident she had carried with her and passed away, feeling she'd found the place. Her son would be alone in the world as the only Aquarian but if he could just live peacefully here she knew she could pass peacefully.

Aduain's Life:

Aduain has been quite the sight throughout all of Mizunia. A strange, humanoid fish-like creature, it's not something one sees every day. Very little is known about what he is or what happened to his people. Mizunian searches of the ocean floor have only led to the conclusion that somehow his people survived in the polluted oceans of the world until quite recently. While still in his egg Aduain was brought to Mizunia by a single female member of his species who died shortly after arriving, leaving him and a strange trident behind. The people of the small coastal town where they arrived didn't know what to do but before anyone could notify them the government agents were on the scene. The egg, trident, and even the dead body of the adult female were taken into their custody for scientific study.

Within a week or two the egg hatched producing Subject 0 as he was known to the team of scientists. Over the next two years the team cared for the creature, monitoring it to gauge intelligence and in general figure out anything they could about it. In particular they were interested in the species' tolerance for pollution as to have survived in the oceans as long as they did they must have had some means of coping with it. Most of the team treated him as nothing more than an animal, a specimen, a thing to be researched. But a certain couple on the team were charmed with Subject 0 very early on. The Tanners, Robert and his wife Lisa, always felt there was a spark of intelligence to their subject quite like a human child. They had longed for a child of their own but Lisa was simply incapable of having children. Lisa would often volunteer to take care of Subject 0 and very much began to look at it as a child that needed her to nurture it.

Subject 0's early development showed shocking similarities to that of humans and it wasn't long before he showed the team just how similar when speech started developing around the same time it does in human children. The team had long been studying the trident that had accompanied their subject and had recognized the inscriptions as matching an ancient human tongue. And so from that same language they gave Subject 0 the name Aduain Siorc. Lisa meanwhile knew she needed to be the one to take care of the strange creature they'd found. Aduain's first word had quite like many humans been mommy and this remark he had aimed at Lisa due to the special attention she always paid him during the studies. After a lot of complicated paperwork the government approved the Tanners to adopt Aduain as a legal son, concluding that as the creature had shown human like intelligence it was due similar treatment and respect. The actual reasoning for the adoption had been that raising the creature as one of their own would make it far more likely to fight for them in the future and easier to continue studying if the parents were part of the team that had been studying him. The Tanners were more than overjoyed to have a son, however strange and different he was.

They did their best to raise Aduain as normally as was possible given the circumstances. At first their neighbors felt they were insane and were fearful of the strange creature they'd brought home with them. But as time went on and people around them began to see that while physically very different Aduain acted much like any human child, he was accepted into the community as their son. Aduain himself always knew he was very different from everyone around him. But he loved his adopted parents very much and never saw his appearance as any reason he couldn't make friends with humans. This isn't to say he saw himself as a human however. From a young age, upon learning of various forms of sea life Aduain saw sharks for the first time and identified himself as one. His appearance doesn't necessarily lend itself to this statement but he's become quite adamant about the fact that he is indeed a shark. Most around him accepted the statement simply because he was so stubborn about it, and his parents used it quite affectionately for him.

As Aduain was to be treated as closely to any human child as possible he was sent to the same school system as other children in Mizunia. Through this Aduain was taught of the history of humanity and Mizunia in particular. The concepts of government and democracy in particular were stressed and extolled. While accepting of the ideas taught to him, Aduain always had another longing in him. He'd seen a map of the world and knew how vast the oceans were. He felt them calling to him, that he needed to go explore them. But he was informed that the oceans were now very contaminated and it wasn't safe yet for him to go to them. The clean waters of Mizunia served his needs to be around and in water but something about the ocean continued to stay with him. It seemed to him to be the ultimate form of freedom and it was clear early on that one thing Aduain wanted was freedom. Keeping him out of trouble due to his curiosity had proved quite the task for his parents.

Throughout his life the government continued their tests on Aduain to learn what they could. His development continued to follow a very similar course to that of humans with slight variations. Something quite similar to puberty seemed to develop in him but at a slightly later age and even today seems to be ongoing. Mental and emotional development seems to be a little slower suggesting that he might have a lifespan slightly longer than that of humans. Even now at twenty their best guess is that he's nearing the end of the puberty equivalent and is almost a fully matured member of his species. The studies were awkward at times as the scientists wanted to know everything biologically about him they could. His organ systems are quite human-like as well. Certain tests even made Aduain, who was never shy and not one to wear clothes, slightly embarrassed but he appreciated the knowledge about his body he couldn't have possibly gotten otherwise without others of his species to tell him.

The contention between Mizunia and other factions made combat an important part of the Mizunian way of life. All who could were encouraged to fight in defense of the country and the ideals it held. This involved not only physical strength but Duel Monsters as well. Aduain had always shown himself quite physically agile and strong without ever really having to train himself. As he grew older Aduain and learned more of how he arrived at Mizunia he felt a great debt to his homeland for giving him a chance at life and treating him remarkably well despite how different he was. So he of course expressed interest in fighting to defend his home. Having gained nothing from their study of it they presented the trident that had come with him to Aduain so that he could use it to fight. As he held it in his hands there was a strange familiarity to it. A warmth and sense of life he couldn't quite place. It simply felt right to have it. He's quite adept in its use and goes everywhere with it now.

Duel Monsters on the other hand did not come to Aduain remotely as naturally as had physical combat. Everyone who could tried to help him understand the rules and how to do it well and while he felt he was grasping what they were saying nothing ever worked for him. Without a firm understanding of Duel Monsters he couldn't hope to be much help to the military and as Aduain was nearing age eighteen he'd begun to give up on ever being able to fight for Mizunia. Lisa and Robert hated to see their son struggle and Lisa knew she had to help somehow.

One day while contemplating how she could help Aduain, Lisa had gone on a little trip for a walk down by the waterside where they'd found him. To her alarm there was a figure there who addressed her by name and introduced herself only as Tsubasa. Almost as if knowing what Lisa had come for she presented a card to her, Number 32: Shark Drake. Saying only it would open the path she sought, the figure vanished without a trace while Lisa looked at the card she'd been given. Disturbed at the event, on her way home Lisa realized what she could do. Aduain had always considered himself a shark and now this stranger presenting her with a shark card. Perhaps a deck of these and other seas creatures would give Aduain the motivation he needed to finally do well. Lisa spent the next few months searching. The deck was coming together. The card she'd been given seemed to have some strange pull to it. She'd feel drawn to places if she took it with her and would find cards to continue the work. Eventually it led her to two other strange cards, Number 47: Nightmare Shark and Number 17: Leviathan Dragon. She wanted to question what this strange force was but seemed driven only to complete the deck and not ask questions. For his eighteenth birthday Aduain received his Mermail deck which included some sharks and other creatures of the sea from his mother and his reaction was priceless. Joy filled his entire being as he looked over the cards his mother had worked at gathering for him. It was all she could do to get him to stop clinging to her that whole day.

Aduain's progress in the game of Duel Monsters was rapid from there. Rules he'd been taught clicked in his mind, strategies cemented themselves, his own unique battle skill developed. Now being proficient he was able to enter the service of Mizunia. His strength became a valued asset to the Mizunian government as many officials had long hoped it would. The expenses to study and care for him seemed well worth it now. These developments seemed to please one member of the Senate in particular.

Aduain spent the next two years in and out of small skirmishes with the other factions, receiving various honors from government officials. Generally they were shows to the people showing the great love and tolerance of Mizunia to honor one so different. Aduain didn't much care for them in part because he'd have to actually dress up for the occasions but also because he felt they were boring. What was more important to him was keeping his home safe, his parents and friends in particular. Even now as tensions with the other factions and the new revolution flare he's determined to see his country kept safe, all the while the call of the ocean echoing in the back of his mind.

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