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Sho Arizaki - "The Wings of Liberation" Empty Sho Arizaki - "The Wings of Liberation"

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"Didn't the birds break out of their egg shell in order to fly, not to crawl on the ground pathetically?
For what reason do you possess those wings? Isn't the sky in the birdcage a little too tiny?"

Burn My Dread -Future-
Beneath The Mask
Awaking The Chaos
Flames Within These Black Feathers
Burn My Dread -Reincarnation-

Sho Arizaki - "The Wings of Liberation" Sample_54b9b1a99f580f54a39764765baa10b7f98e6d67
The Raven:
Sho Arizaki - "The Wings of Liberation" Sample_392632e14c33788539534f85dd04e8a7c89de253

Name: Sho Arizaki
Gender: birbdurgon
Age: 17
Faction: Leader of the Carvas Rebellion

Numbers: Nada
Deck Name: The Black Wings of Revolution
Ace Card: Red Dragon Archfiend/Assault Blackwing - The Rain Sprinkling (Manga Red Dragon Archfiend line, as well as Scarlight and Tyrant are reserved)
Deck Description: It has blackwings.  It spams out monsters like there’s no tomorrow.  It’ll have resonators one day.

Character Skills:
Only has one skill at a time, new skills permanently replace old ones.

"Wings of Liberation" - wip something focused on blackwings

"The Wish Punished" - wip something for red nova

"Final Blazing Soul" - wip, the final evolution as the "Fallen Messiah."

Personality: The legendary leader of Tsularia’s “Carvas Rebellion” known by many as his masked persona, “The Phantom Raven” or less commonly outside of the Rebellion “The Wings of Liberation.”  He is the most infamous figure in the entire city, every being in it knows his title.  Freedom is his ultimate ideal, absolute freedom with no limiting factors and he is absolutely relentless in his pursuit of that ideal, betraying even the ideal itself to make a world where it exists a reality instead of his own selfish fantasy.

The masked man known as “The Phantom Raven” or simply “The Raven” is a cocky, overconfident young man who feels the need to be the center of attention.  He’s a show-off and a flirt, with a seemingly unbreakable spirit.  Also rather violent and destructive, and though he prefers using non-lethal methods, he has no problems with killing if he has to do it.

When is mask is removed, however, Sho becomes a bumbling mess who is absolutely awful at talking to people.  All of his confidence goes out the window, but he shows more genuine care and appreciation for things.  He mumbles to himself frequently but it often sounds like he’s having a conversation with another person that others can only hear one half of.  Sho also runs a cafe in his spare time.  Nobody knows how he's managed to keep it afloat or untouched throughout this war, or how he keeps stock, but he does.

Background: Rebellion.  That is all.  (For now)

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