Keter Kuronia - "The Cleansing Black Flames"

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Keter Kuronia - "The Cleansing Black Flames" Empty Keter Kuronia - "The Cleansing Black Flames"

Post by Ryuukami Demster on Fri Jan 06, 2017 6:00 am

Name: Keter Kuronia
Gender: Male
Age: ??
Faction: Emperor of the Kuronian Empire

Deck Name: Ends of the Earth
Ace Monster: Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons
Deck Description: Black Dragons swarm to the field, scorching the very earth they stand on. The “Red-Eyes” lineage, empowered by darkness and with flames as hot as the sun, fight for dominance. With powerful abilities to call upon more of their line, as well as the power to burn away at their foe’s very life, the great beasts of “Red-Eyes” prove to be formidable adversaries indeed.
Character Skill: “Grudge Bound By Eternity” – “The Black Stone of Legend” is always treated as a Tuner monster. Once per turn, if a “Red-Eyes” monster you control is destroyed: You may send one “Red-Eyes” monster or one “The Black Stone of Legend” from your deck to your graveyard.

Personality: Keter is a man of both conviction and understanding. He holds utmost faith in his dream, having joined the war for the sake of it, but understands that the rest of the world will see him as evil. Being the Emperor, he seeks to expand his territory, aiming to take the entire world under his domain. Despite following the path of a conqueror, however, Keter remains a fair and compassionate ruler. He always offers a chance for surrender before engaging in combat, and tries to keep an open mind concerning the opinions and goals of those he fights against. Keter will fight for his dream with all his strength, but will pay proper respects to all those he conquers.

Background: coming soon to theaters
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