Aracelia Noxfilia - "The Holy Sinner"

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Aracelia Noxfilia - "The Holy Sinner" Empty Aracelia Noxfilia - "The Holy Sinner"

Post by Vermillion Lancer on Fri Jan 06, 2017 5:51 am

“idk something religious”

Immortal Madness
Spirit of Motherwill

Aracelia Noxfilia - "The Holy Sinner" Sf7l8lz

Name: Aracelia Noxfilia
Gender: innocent grill
Age: Unknown, appears to be mid-20s but is much older.
Faction: Leader of the Kingdom of Soralia

Numbers: Number 35: Ravenous Tarantula, Number 70: Deadly Sin, Number 77: The Seven Sins, Number 84: Pain Gainer, Number 98: Dystopia
Deck Name: The Sins of the Light
Ace Card: Number 98: Dystopia
Deck Description: A tellarknight deck that on the surface, is a symbol of holy power, light, and hope.  Holy warriors fill the field every turn, able to endlessly summon out monsters without losing leverage.  It could truly be considered the embodiment of a deity’s endless wrath.  However, locked within the Extra Deck are monsters that embody the evil of this world, as numerous as the monsters that seem to defy it.

Character Skill: "The Shadow of The Divine" - Once per turn, you may banish 1 LIGHT Xyz monster from your graveyard; choose a DARK Xyz monster from your extra and Xyz summon it using 1 face-up DARK Xyz monster you control as the Xyz material.

Domain Skill: WIP

Personality: To most, Aracelia is a symbol of hope.  The figurehead of a nation, more important and well-known than even the King of Soralia.  She is their Holy Maiden, the guiding motherly figure that shows the world the ways of her Goddess.  In public, she lives up to this belief incredibly well.  A facade of kindness and warmth, pure love for every citizen of this world seeming to be emanated from her very existence.  

However, beneath this facade is a selfish woman who cares only for her own needs and desires.  She is manipulative, cunning, and hateful.  Disgusted with the world, she has used the “religion” she heads as a tool in brainwashing and “fixing” the world to her own desires.  Any of her pawns in this are treated well, but those who she cannot control and manipulate to her desires are worthless scum that must be erased from this earth.

Background: sounds like a lotta work tbh

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