Typheus Ranton - "The Laughing Typhoon"

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Typheus Ranton - "The Laughing Typhoon" Empty Typheus Ranton - "The Laughing Typhoon"

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"With the boy and the rickshaw driver, my heart fluttered. If I feel it in my heart, I have to respond accordingly."

Shout Out!
The Laughing Typhoon
Melody of Water is the Guide in Spiritual Mist

Typheus Ranton - "The Laughing Typhoon" KccV1pX

Name: Typheus Ranton
Gender: jaime
Age: 27
Faction: Leader of the Republic of Mizunia

Deck Name: Spinning, Spinning, Spinning, Spiii!?
Ace Card: Spiral, the Mythic Radiance Dragon
Deck Description: give me like a month

Character Skill: h-heh...

Personality: He's the greatest amigo you'll ever meet in the world, a man of his word and bubbly friendship is the man you'll find in the wondrous majesty that is the perverted, cocky, carefree Typheus. Typically, a connoisseur of the female body, having a gift from god to decisively call the measurements of any and all women he sees... only to get them wrong all of the time. Well, that's not entirely true, as he knows anyone's cup size with a single glance, let alone having to actually look. His lax attitude concerning women is enough for people to doubt his person, as "reliable" is not even remotely the first thing that comes to mind with this idiot. Even so, he is surprisingly dutiful, and has kept a record of promises in a small notebook on his personage, vowing to fulfill whatever oath he has given to someone, ignoring the risks of death. A friendly individual overall who cares a little too much for reasons he will masterfully dodge with his cheerful facade.

In truth, he cares nothing for duties to his "nation", his "land", his "heritage", all of it is useless to him. He only cares to sustain his people, and will even sacrifice the most sacred and holy of traditions to carry them through life, which is the actuality of his prowess as a political figurehead. A man willing to cast aside everything that has built up those around him in order to survive. "A picture is worth a thousand words, but none of them are telling you how to keep breathing", Typheus will persuade. A harsh reality, telling that possessions with the deepest of meaning will be left behind if it means seeing tomorrow.

He's kind of full of himself and doesn't care to look at outsiders, unless they're genuine tourists. Typheus' happy nature wants to be away from conflict. While managing a strong front in the face of turmoil is very simple for him, it tears him up inside, as he never wanted to be one to make any kind of painful decision for anyone.

A vanguard with a wry smile, regretting having to do what must be done.

Background: look man

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