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"The threads connecting us are crossed by the mischievous destiny
If we are going forth over thousands of nights,
it is only for friend and tomorrow."

- Septet Devoted to the Cross

Preliminary War
Song 4 U
Spreading of Beautiful Wings

Mary of Lust
The Hot Wind is Blowing

Galactic Mary
Masayume Chasing

Muse Ryuusei - "Mary Magdalene" - Reincarnation 80nSzvJ

Name: Muse Ryuusei
Gender: drill synchron
Age: 17
Faction: Mizunia/Carvas Rebellion (Member of the Rebellion for Mizunia's sake)

Deck Name: "Checkpoint" Deck List
Ace Monsters: Clear Wing Synchro Dragon/Stardust Spark Dragon (Stardust Manga line reserved and Dragocytus, the Impure Underworld Dragon reserved)
Deck Description: "Speedroid", toys and dice turned into weapons are the monsters that make up the deck of a budding Synchro adept. Though restricted to the use of Wind attribute, the small machines collectively utilize every tactic possible to Synchro Summon, championing being able to more than anything else. In addition, once one of the starry-forged bosses are called, it is extremely difficult to lay them down for good due to a notable amount of revival. Or, even worse, they climb through levels quickly, able to go from a small Level Four to a problematic Level Nine that blows away opposition. Ultimately, the deck's trump card is "Clear Wing", who emphasizes the concept of protection better than any other card in the deck save one; the other ace: "Stardust". The compendium of dangerous playthings moves to make plays with the utmost haste, able to establish a daunting field instantly.

And yet, it is still missing something. A missing piece, a defining finisher or a guaranteed way to secure a game.

Character Skill:
A singular, gradually evolving skill that will change between Mary of Lust and Galactic Mary drastically. New skill attachments must be developed into.

Cosmic Mind
With Progression of Synchro Mastery, the Extra Deck will not be restricted by the 15 card limit. Can only play Synchro Monsters in the Extra Deck. “Stardust Spark Dragon” is always treated as “Stardust Dragon”, and "Stardust" monsters are treated as WIND monsters. Once per turn, you can return five monsters from your Graveyard to your deck, including one Synchro Monster, then shuffle your deck, draw a card, and choose one of your banished monsters and send it to your Graveyard. Also, if you are able to Synchro Summon a Level 7 monster, you can also Synchro Summon "Stardust Dragon".

[Cocytus Boss Battle Mode/Mary of Lust]
Usable only by the girl of sadistic rebellion, an extension to "Cosmic Mind". Driven insane by the Tyrant Cocytus, it and the "Supreme King Servant Dragon" (only usable in Underground/non-1v1 Boss Battle mode) have their Summon Conditions changed to: "1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters (including one Synchro Monster overall)" and are treated as WIND monsters. All of the following effects are given to "Dragocytus, the Impure Underworld Dragon":
(4) This card inflicts piercing damage.
(5) During your Draw Phase, if this card is in your Graveyard, Special Summon it in Attack Position and take 1000 damage.
(6) During the Draw Phase, if this card is banished, banish a Synchro Monster you control, Special Summon this card in Attack Position and take 1000 damage.
(7) Other monsters you control cannot attack, and all other face-up monsters you control have their ATK and DEF reduced to 0 and they cannot be changed while this face-up card is on the field. You also take piercing damage from battles involving them.
(8) This card cannot inflict damage to a duelist named "Muse Ryuusei".

The player has 40000 total Life Points that carry over within all duels. In one-on-one duels, Life Points become 8000, and the Life lost in those duels is deducted from the total number. Upon the total threshold becoming zero, this skill is lost.

Requiem of Truth
[Final Development/Galactic Mary]
Galactic Messiah/Master of Synchro state/Final Development. Something about changing Tuners/Non-Tuners, being able to use Xyzs as Synchro Material, and additional effects to Stardust Sifr.

Muse is a girl who revels in very notion of “Freedom”, to the point where the thought can lead to near-orgasmic euphoria when facing adversity. As an artist, creative liberty is her life's blood. Not even as just a musician, but a duelist as well. If she's being oppressed on anything, she won't hesitate to go on very long and annoyingly repetitive speeches about liberation and freedom. Not even caring for the consequences of not shutting her mouth or how stupid she sounds. It isn't hard to find the lady mindbogglingly aggravating when she gets like that. To further express her love for symphonic art, she tends to musical terms like “Fortissimo” and “Augmentation” in her everyday speech mannerisms.

Muse is usually pleasant and well-mannered only if someone doesn't push her buttons though. Enjoying the act of sharing new art ideas, ideologies, or even something as mundane as talking about the weather. Casual friendship comes naturally to her, but she feels no one really understands the depth of her mind - the undying high that comes with no restrictions. This results in some waning loneliness, unable to truly consider someone the very definition of the word "Comrade". It's hard to put into words for the poor lass, but in short: an artist's mind is really complex and makes no sense to anyone who doesn't get it firsthand or doesn't ask. And she's rather awful at explaining it in detail.

Her combination of yearning for freedom and social nature leads to a desire to protect the weak. However, there are no brakes at just telling them to find shelter. Instead, the blonde encourages the small, cornered rats to rise up and fight back, clinging onto the hope of glorious liberty. This even reflects her deck's play style of meek creatures who rise up, banding together.

The hideous truth of Muse's mind is once pressed beyond all reason, she will seem to lose touch with her sanity. "Intoxicating rebellion" one would put it, as she enjoys reminding her oppressors how she and everyone else feels constantly through actions. The “Song of Hope” for the lesser prey turns into a “Song of Madness” for the counterattacked predators, showcasing a wicked, sadistic self. This persona is a horrific reality of her bloodthirsty, lustful nature: a cornered rat who would love nothing more than revenge. She is entirely aware of such a disgusting fact, but she would never once deny the ecstasy received from vengeance. It's an immoral fetish that cannot be shared with anyone.

Background - Very Long:

”Though you tried searching for it, calling for it,
You can’t even find a clue.
The light you wanted to protect, even now...
Is about to be erased, destroyed in the freezing darkness.
You’re simply clueless as to what to do.

Missing piece, come back here...
This moment is not your last.
Leap past the end to the sky at the beginning,
Your destiny is infinite.
The one who does not give up,
Will recall the shine to a wilting flower,
And can become hope.

A shooting star passes through the starry sky that hangs above a ruined Earth, and a woman cries out in agony. Unlike the majority of humanity, this was not out of despair and sorrow, but out of Hope.

In a nightmare of a world, a baby girl is born. The mother knew God had not abandoned her, and the lights in the sky were proof that suffocating darkness had not ended them all yet. She was alone with her child, a married man killed in the action of preserving his wife's life, and securing his only child's birth. Holding the newborn closely to her heart, a lullaby was quietly sung. The lyrics brought tears to her very own eyes. Rolling down to the cheeks of the child, she sobbed joyously. A little light was given to the wasted land, and by the song's instilled faith, aspirations toward a bright future were rekindled.

The baby girl was named “Muse”, a child of the prince of the gods who is a personification of forms of literature. In this case, music.

Escaping Soralia's downfall of honest faith, discarding the religious tyranny, the woman had found that she had given birth in the territory of nomads. Muse was born in the increasingly small settlement of neutral nomads. Ones who are not burdened by the despair of being unable to take control of the largest land of salvation, or even the other factions. Rather, they value that they are simply alive. They do not take that fact for granted, deciding to fight simply to stay alive, and protecting either their homes or their potential homes. This was fantastic, she thought, as it was a very welcoming people who would not ask them to fight to reign victorious. Instead, they would only ask her to do her part in staying alive, keeping her daughter alive, and holding their home. Most importantly: Muse would be in the safest place of a war-riddled world.

Muse grew up in a very homey and friendly environment. When they were not struggling to keep to themselves, the aimless people did their best to emphasize on the joys of life. Light-hearted activities such as festive songs and dances, crafting toys and the like for children, and of course the game that determines the entire world: Duel Monsters. They didn't simply see it as just a tool of destiny, instead, the nomads made sure to drill into the minds of children: “It is still just a game of cards”.

The little light made many friends and found many older role models among the tribe of wind. Even though she was very, very terrible at humanity's favorite game. Muse was an earnest and determined child, trying her best anyway. But she knew when to acknowledge her skill was to simply always be lacking. Getting better was an option, but there was little chance of her getting good. Even so, armed with junk cards passed down from her father, and some from her mother, she pressed onward with the same deck. Nothing in it had punch or ferocity, nor did even its bigger monsters have any relevant presence. Despite these facts, the child kept at it.

Muse's mother was without much sorrow, even with the loss of her husband. The woman rose to a rather important figure for the nomads – a preacher of sorts even. She reminded the people who accepted her of hope constantly, using her daughter as an example of fortune from good faith. Along with songs of inspiration, some even altered from Soralia's damaged faith to be more fitting and morally pleasing to a good heart. They both found their place in the ruined world.

And yet they were still both aware it'd crumble.

Kuronian soldiers and the legions of expert mercenaries hired by Soralia broke out into a war close by the current homes of the traveling nomads. Soralia got to the nomads first, and terrorized them into allowing them to use their homes as bases of operations. As much as they would've liked to stand up to them, and though some did, their numbers were already too small. In addition to that, they had high powered fire arms funded by the corporation. They had to give up to live. This began to cast a heavy cloud of despair upon the poor people, subject to nothing but tools for the mercs. Muse and her mother weren't any different. However, they did their best to not let people surrender faith.

Prayers were getting answered.

One night, several soldiers were knocked unconscious and dragged away from Muse's makeshift house. The child and the mother were awoken by the arrival of someone or “something”. This entity was not hostile, which cleared worry from their weary hearts. It spoke with an alluring, feminine voice: “Do you want them gone?”

The answer was obviously yes for both of them. But then Muse was asked if she knows a song. The little light didn't know what song, so the being sang the same lullaby her mother did when she was born. Stating she only knows a little of it and doesn't have it memorized, a deal was made in response: “If you can memorize that song and sing it really well, I'll come save you”.

They were gone.

Muse spent the next good while over the passing suns and moons honing her voice and learning the song. Desperately wanting the same quiet life she had with all her loved ones away from the constant outbreaks of wars, determination was emitting from her like a sort of aura, almost. After telling the other nomads about the mysterious figure's deal, they did all they could to help.

Kuronian's soldiers eventually found what the mercs used as an HQ: the nomads' current homing grounds. Fights broke out immediately, and people were already beginning to die. The stronger nomads that were willing to fight stepped into the frontlines with the corporate dogs. The others ran, despite being told not to by their tyrants. Muse's parents seem to be fated to leave her behind on this charred Earth, however, as her mother's leg was caught under some rubble launched from explosives. Muse and others tried their best to get her from under them, but it wasn't going over too well. People were panicking, the rubble was backbreaking, and soldiers were advancing. Though she pleaded for them to go and care for her child, just to make sure she lived, Muse stopped.

“If you can memorize that song and sing it really well, I'll come save you.”

The words echoing in her mind gave her an idea, and she began to try singing. From a critic's point of view, it wasn't anything close to “really well”, let alone “well”. Muse forgot half of the lyrics, making her own, and crying over possibly losing her mom made her tone shakily and cracked.

Even so, black feathers were scattered across the battlefield around them. Several shots and explosions rang out amidst the chaos. Suddenly, the rock holding down the leg was gone, and the advancing soldiers were being pushed back into an ambush from the mercenaries.

That person saved them, even though Muse wasn't good enough yet.

Muse's mother scooped her up and hugged her tight, both of them crying happily. They ran.

There was a few years after that where things were significantly more peaceful. The unaffiliated nomads weren't chased, and their small numbers weren't heavily reduced, though it was a loss nonetheless. Every last person was now dedicated to Muse learning the song and improving her singing to call upon their savior if either of those factions came to get them again. It was very stressful and pressure-inducing, even though they didn't mean for her to feel that way. Muse did find interest in musical literature in general from this though, studying other forms of singing and songs from long ago. This led to looking into other forms of writing and art. She herself was dabbling into the ancient world of an aspiring artist.

She got a bit defensive about it, but people found it cute.

Naturally, they were still going to be used, targeted, and exploited through the warring era. Soralia once again found them, and they weren't pleased in the slightest when they found the escaped heretic that was Muse's mother. The wandering nomads were up in arms to defend itself this time. The woman who brought them shining lights with the presence of herself and her daughter were too precious to lose or abandon. Obviously though, this wasn't exactly a battle they could win. Thankfully, Muse was ready.

Tucked away under her bed, watching the events from afar, and worried to death over her loved ones, she sang. There was no crying to disrupt the tone, her voice had been trained, and she remembered:

”Once you’ve reached, even the dead end...
If you just sit around it’s game over.
Whether it’s dreaming the dream, or granting it …
It’s not just anyone, but yourself only.
No matter how much you’re hurt, if you have
Unfading wishes, even fate will change...!
You may create a miracle...!”

Black feathers scattered about again, a hand placed on the shoulder of the heretic. In the sunlight, a woman unveils herself, and cherry lips are curled into a grin.

”Missing piece, come back here...
This place is not your last...
There are still places you have to go...”

There was yelling and gunshots. Muse wanted to cry out of fear, but she did not stop. Their savior was to be pleased by the calling light.

”Your destiny is infinite.
As long as you believe,
Even the starless, moonless sky, like drawing a rainbow
Can become hope.”

The lasting parts of it were sang by the messiah herself, and Soralia was retreating.

Not a single member of the tribe was lost.

Called outside, the child finally got to meet her hero once more, along with finally seeing her face. A gorgeous woman stood by her mother, with two black feathered bird wings sticking out of her back. The abnormality aside, Muse was ecstatic. The woman stated that Muse did a good job in keeping her end of the bargain and working hard toward it. Some pets and hugs were given to the little one, some admiration and fangirling given in return to the warrior. Muse was then asked if she enjoyed the game of Duel Monsters, to which she responded she wasn't very good at it. There was a new deal made as two white cards were gifted: “Use these and I'll see you again when you grow up”.

A rather haunting message was given after that: “And accept your destiny to strike back”.

That was unsettling. No one wanted Muse in harm's way, but now even their messiah says it's her destiny to fight? … Thinking on it, coming from the hero, it may not be as bad as everyone believes. Or at least, that's what Muse thought. She knew her savior wouldn't tell her to march to her death and leave all of these loved ones behind.

Her role model was right, that's what she believed. Fighting back is something she had to do eventually.

Once again, years of peace passed. Muse was now a full grown woman and a preacher of sorts. Though not religious herself like her mother, she still sang of her savior and faith. Creating a plethora of songs to pass down to children, just like the lullaby was to her. These days, there was more devotion to music than dueling for the artist. Equipped with the voice of an angel, but still only average at the game, Muse was a symbol for those without a home. Though, she didn't act like the saint she was made out to be once she hit her teenaged years. The woman became a bit touchy when it came to the subject of art, and took advantage of her blooming figure for herself. The elders, including the mother, simply passed it off as her becoming an adult with a passion.

There was also a bit more.

Though they were left alone for a good amount of time due to constantly removing themselves from approaching heat from the other factions... Muse wanted to act upon her desire to counterattack. Not only that, but she wanted a permanent home for everyone. She wanted the homeless to stop being oppressed by fear... “freedom”. These wanderers would never be strong enough to reach out for such a thing, though. Even with her resolve.

Being forced to move again, they stumbled upon a rather comfortable looking area left behind by Mizunia. The problem was that Kuronian had taken residence of it. They were already told to get lost or there'd be bloody consequences with warning shots. Muse, completely sick of this, stood up and demanded a fight. The nomads questioned what on Earth she could be thinking. Turning to face them, the symbol of hope let loose a razing speech that involved the aimless fighting for a home. To stop shying away and getting strong enough to, at the very least, fight back for what they have. This small settlement was a perfect place for a home since they just abandoned their previous. This, however, could be the permanent residence they've been yearning for. Now was the time for the cornered rats of the bloodied land to find – no – make their place in the world.

The catch was, the commanding General in the area stated that they'd duel instead of using weapons, and he'd be dueling Muse. This was a problem. Muse wasn't anything remotely close to good. Younger children beat her daily. Though, armed with a newfound iron will, she accepted the terms of the challenge anyway.

Despite how well she handled talking, the duel quickly went south. Overwhelming fiery onslaughts decimated her efforts. Still, she refused to stay down. From a miraculous draw, she performed a very long and complex combo from a multitude of weak, pathetic monsters called forth from the hand and Graveyard. The end result was glittery dust raining upon the field as snowy white cards materialized into two wondrous, gorgeous dragons: “Stardust Dragon” and “Clear Wing Synchro Dragon”. The battle quickly turned in her favor, as the general could now not make a single move. His destruction effects were shut down and each time he tried a monster effect, it blew up in his face due to Clear Wing. His solution was to annihilate Clear Wing, but Stardust Dragon makes a victim out of itself to save its mythical comrade. Backed by Muse's magics and traps, she took full control of the game.

The general showed fear. That was new: their oppressors never showed fear, doubt, or worry.  

… Muse found herself oddly pleased with his expression of panic.

Finally, THEY were the ones scared. THEY were the ones flustered, panicking over the thought of losing, possibly even dying. THEY WERE THE ONES OPPRESSED.

Being in control of this man's fate drove Muse's emotions up a pleasant wall of ecstasy. Everyone watched her change from the sweet girl who yelled about art sometimes to a manically laughing heroine that locked down the tyrant. She demanded he ask for mercy, he did, she simply asked how it felt. How did it feel for the hunters to be hunted? The woman understood full well how the hunters felt, but this type of euphoria was born only of the transition from prey to predator. Deciding he had enough and instilling fear into everyone in sight, Clear Wing gained a massive amount of power. Muse threw her duel disk down on the ground, claiming it was oppressive to her arm. She wanted to feel it: to feel the winds of counterattack kiss and caress her skin. Drooling and nearly stripping down for the sake of that in an delightfully crazed high, her dragon shredded the foe with its beautiful, gorgeous wings.

Both sides were terrified.

“Fight back!” she cried out to her people. Declaring that the dawn of counterattack was now, and that the cornered rats will have their home once they drive the tyrants out. They did just that, losing fear, and charging at the militia armed with the inspirational guidance of a rebel. Kuronia's residential forces, surprisingly enough, were forced back by the slaves with a new will. The dragons assisting them as well, playing even more into their first true victory.

Muse's mind finally stopped racing. She... had just skewered a man and terrorized her enemies with majestic beasts. … After delving into some disgusting form of sadism. The wayward ones praised her, even her mother did, but she wasn't exactly sure how to feel. Happy or revolted?

Interestingly enough, some captured members of a faction referring to themselves as the “Shadow-Wing Rebellion” were released and approaches Muse to express their gratitude. One of them offered her a hand to join in the fight against the other factions, to drive them all out of this last, sacred, precious land.

She smacked him.

How dare he? They don't want to fight people for the city, they don't care about where everyone else is in the city or if they want it. These homeless nomads – Muse simply wanted a home. Hearing this and seeing Muse's heart wracked by the thought of leaving her people without a home, they changed their offer. Asking if she'd like to get back at the tyrants, and find a proper home for her people, beyond just this one. Which they were given, as the grateful soldiers led them to Mizunia's main lands, where they were all accepted with open arms by the Republic.

That was better, and it fit her new desires to counterattack for pleasure. Though, she was still leaving her people... they all remembered that this day was foretold by their first messiah. Muse was to fight back eventually, and now that she has, she's joining the fight for their sake.

They all wanted her to go, she was hope for a future that was more than just defending their land. Her elderly mother agreed. Muse couldn't turn them down, and accepted the invitation for the nomads' sake, and nothing else beyond her own wishes as well.

During the night she was to leave, her winged savior finally appeared before her again. She looked no different, not even the proud expression she had for Muse when the light was little was changed much. In fact, the winged woman looked even prouder. They exchanged words on the subject of Muse's life up until now. Then, Muse thanked her, and was very glad she kept her promise. Vowing to go forward through the path that leads to a prosperous future, the raven saw her off.

But not before asking if Muse learned the whole song and giving the new hero a collar as a present for doing so.

”Missing piece, come back here...
This moment is not your last.
Leap past the end to the sky at the beginning.
Your destiny is infinite.
The one who does not give up,
Will recall the shine to a wilting flower
And can become hope.”

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