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Post by Vermillion Lancer on Fri Jan 06, 2017 1:42 am

Thread title:  Name of character + Title (optional for non-leaders)

Quote and theme music if you have it

[Image of character and/or description of appearance]

Name: [First and Last name, middle names optional with a limit of 315]
Gender: [yes you can identify as an attack helicopter]
Age: [No 200 year old loli vampires please]
Faction: [Republic of Mizunia, Kingdom of Soralia, Kuronian Empire, or Carvas Rebellion.  No neutralfags here]

Numbers: [Up to three initially, others must be developed]
Deck Name: [link list to the name please]
Ace Card: [Favorite or main card]
Deck Description: [Include archetypes and special cards included in the deck, as well as overall strategy.  Maybe add in some reason

Character Skill: [Put your current character skill here.  Please word it the way you would find it on a card. Additional character skills can be put in a spoiler, past and future.  Must be approved before it can be used.]

Personality: [Three full sentences minimum, preferably more about how your character acts, maybe motivations, etc.]

Background: [Five full sentences minimum, preferably more about what your character has been through, maybe if they have a specific reason for being in this conflict rather than any of the others their faction is part of.]

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