Grand Judge - "Ketsuron"

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Grand Judge - "Ketsuron" Empty Grand Judge - "Ketsuron"

Post by Vermillion Lancer on Fri Oct 30, 2015 8:45 pm

Name: True name unknown, has had many titles throughout history. Commonly referred to as "Ketsuron."
Age: Unknown

Faction: None

Deck Name: Unknown
Deck Description: Unknown. Reports say he is accompanied by the "Dracoslayer" monsters.
Character Skill: "Genesis 0" - Effects Unknown

Personality Description: Existing as the final judge of humanity, Ketsuron is mostly silent. An embodiment of the world's justice, he has little personality to speak of, beyond his pride and hatred. He seems to have something against those associated with the woman known as "Tsubasa" in this day, and seeks to prevent them from achieving any goal.

Background: A "hero" who exists beyond the realms of space and time, Ketsuron appears in this world when humanity has begun to stray from its intended path. It may be possible he predates the existence of mankind, being a judge for all life in the universe. He appeared in this world most recently several decades ago, at the beginning of the massive conflict that has reached Tsularia. His goals are unknown, though he seems to know of an impending event that the world itself does not. Currently, he acts as a mere observer beyond his indirect interference in the actions and lives of Tsubasa, Muse Ryuusei, and Sho Arizaki.

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