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Hideki Shinohara, The Rising Entertainer Empty Hideki Shinohara, The Rising Entertainer

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Name: Hideki Shinohara

Age: 19

Faction: Republic of Mizunia

Deck Name: Stage of Glory
Deck Description: A deck full of Entermates, Pendulum cards, and support magic and trap cards to help swarm the field, stall, or overrun the opponent while gathering necessary resources from the deck, and the ability to make way for the main stars of the deck. Relies on the Odd-Eyes Fusion cards for big game enders and Pendulum Summoning to get everything for the show ready.

Character Skill:
Staged Fight-
Once per turn, during either players turn, if one of your cards in your Pendulum Zone are destroyed, you may pay 500 Life Points and negate that destruction. If you do, and it is on your turn through one of your card effects, you may still activate the effects of cards as if the card was destroyed. You may not Pendulum Summon Level 5 or Higher for the rest of your turn if you do so.
Appearance (If no image): Not shown in the image but Hideki has green eyes.
Hideki is an outgoing person who likes to see people happy. He doesn't like war or fighting, especially using dueling as a tool for it, but he has no real control over it so he tries to accept it for what it is and duel his own way. Typically Hideki will try to entertain everyone, including his opponent. Fun duels are the best. However, Hideki is easily irritable, and is over sensitive to certain topics. Particularly war and death. Hideki is however highly intelligent, able to easilly manipulate the flow of a duel. While sometimes repetitive, he has the ability to think one step ahead of his opponent, all so that he can dazzle his audience.
Hideki wants to spread Entertainment Dueling across the span of the globe, wanting nothing more than everyone to have fun with dueling, rather than use it to resort to violence. It's probably nothing more than a pipe dream, but if he can spread it at all, that means that he's done his job right as an entertainment duelist, and going pro is just the start he needs. That and he wants to find someone important that went missing.

Rewind time by a few years. When Hideki was younger, age 15, he dueled a lot with his younger brother Yuki. While Hideki used circus animals, Yuki would use birds. The two built a friendly rivalry with each other, pushing both to become better while keeping their brotherly bond intact. During this time, Hideki loved to put on shows for audiences, and he would use his family to help him with his acts since he loved giving them the first and special VIP viewings before revealing them to the public. He enjoyed nothing more than the captivated looks of his mother father and brother, since they were the world to him.

Fast forward several years. Hideki is now 18 and a rather famous entertainer in the local area. He'd just received an offer to go out of area, and put on a show for a different type of audience by a somewhat well known and revered entertainment manager. Nervous at first, though encouraged by his mother, Hideki eventually agreed to it and was taken out of country to put on a wonderful duel show, oblivous to what was to come. Needless to say, Hideki's first big show went off without a hitch, his circus performers and animals enthralling the audiences. He'd hit the first big milestone of his dream, his road to becoming a famous entertainer. He was elated, ecstatic though these feelings of grandeur weren't meant to last. On the return trip home, he learned of the tragedy that had struck and was devastated. He prayed for his family's well being, but that to wasn't meant to be. Upon arriving at the scene of destruction his home was gone, and his family no where to be found. It was like a nightmare, nothing of which his past experiences could of prepared him for. Feeling empty inside, the male was taken in by the one who had offered the out of area performance, whether out of remorse or sympathy for the boy.

Moving forward just one more year, the young boy, now a maturing man with haunting memories of a tragic end, and childish tendencies has debuted with his adoptive family as his management staff, a group of traveling entertainers no less. On the lower rungs of the pro dueling status, Hideki has come a long way from the dreaming boy who wwanted to enthrall the world. Many audiences have been captivated by his charm and performances. Nothing in his life will ever be the same however, and he continues to travel the world on performances, in hopes of maybe finding some form of closure for the life he lost to the flames, that are forever imprinted in his mind.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the show must go on no matter the circumstances! Enjoy the show!"

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