Nara Yuzuriha - "Vagabond of the Lost Path"

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Nara Yuzuriha - "Vagabond of the Lost Path" Empty Nara Yuzuriha - "Vagabond of the Lost Path"

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Nara Yuzuriha

Nara Yuzuriha - "Vagabond of the Lost Path" Nano.Nico.Nico.Singer.full.1105163_zpshq1kvqt0
It's time to learn that pain is gain. Ready? Fight!

Main Theme
No pain, no game ~ His Philosophy

Secondary Theme(s)
Genesis ~ His Youth; New Moon

Valse Hot ~ His Rage; Crescent Moon

PAPERMOON ~ His Confusion; Half Moon

Lost One's Weeping ~ His Understanding; Full Moon

Licht und Schatten ~ His Revelation; Twilight Eclipse


Kuronian Empire

Deck Name
Black Shine Descendant

Deck Description
A deck consisting of the Chaos Dragons' floating powers with Collapserpent and Wyverbuster, relying on the main aces of Black Luster Soldier and their variations to serve out some heavy banishment. A majority of the deck requires banishing other cards in its graveyard to function, as most get Special Summoned that way.

Character Skill
Sacred Avatar of Black Luster: Once per turn, you may banish one DARK monster and one LIGHT monster from your graveyard and discard one card from your hand; Choose one of these effects:
You may target one monster on your opponent's side of the field, banish that target.
Choose one DARK or LIGHT monster with 2300 ATK or less, it may attack twice during your Battle Phase this turn. During your End Phase, banish the monster targeted by this effect. (PENDING)

Nara is considered the lone-wolf type, and tends to stray from his pack. However when he is within a team though, he is more often than not the alpha for various reasons, being he is concise and makes up his mind quickly. Holding grudges was futile in his eyes, as it only meant you were holding onto something in the past that could no longer be rectified efficiently. He only strove to move forward. Not to say he was emotionless or simply doesn't care, but he is often emotionally detached to most things, or at least to anything that didn't pique his interests. His only goal is to move forward and discover his own means for existing, even if it means leaving everything else behind.

His Story:
Nara Yuzuriha, born under the flag of Kuronia is a citizen through and through. Not that he is particularly ecstatic about it, but it isn't like he would prefer being anywhere else. His primary concern from a young age was catching up to people. He wasn't very bright when he was a child, and tended to fall behind in everything: studies, growth, opportunities, etc. Nara just had some of the worst luck for his time, not much else to say about it. However luck had nothing to do with it. Not in his case. Nara would come to understand theories of 'fate' and 'destiny' and 'chaos theory.' All of these things intrigued him greatly, as he learned something about life. Something catastrophically wrong.

Everyone has a fate. Everyone is on a set course in life. But whose to say that fate cannot be changed? Nara had come to believe that destiny was only something else trying to hold him back, just like he was when he was younger. But he was not going to have it anymore. He would tear destiny a new one and push forth without it if he had to.

It is said destiny is your future woven into the fabric of space and time, decided for you from the start. However if your thread, your strand of destiny is not interwoven with anything, or the least amount of things as possible, destiny's grip on you would slowly lessen. Nara began to stray from people, from public places, and everything altogether at some point. He found himself under the command of the Kuronian Empire, being a citizen and all, but under the pretense he could stay alone more of the time. The less decisions to make, the better. He spent a majority of his time in silence, either sleeping or reading. He enjoyed television too, but figuring out what to watch was a bother all in itself.

As he began to beat destiny at its own game, the other half of the spectrum came into play. Chaos. Chaos is the idea that everything has no purpose and is simply thrown into the world at will; the exact opposite of destiny. The darkness to the orderly light that had been choking him out all this time. Nara had found that Chaos was no better, as his life slowly but surely started to lose meaning besides the basics. His aspirations swiftly died out as if he never had any to begin with. In order to rectify this, he would take the middle path. He would take on the Chaos of the world as if it were his own to manipulate, and fight alongside Destiny as its companion, not on its leash. Nara would take a path of light and dark; a dark shine, to achieve his goals. To move forward. To push forward. For what purpose?

Not even Nara really knows what he wants anymore. Call it a journey of self-discovery. He would find what he truly wants as time passes, because well.

He never really wanted much from the beginning.

As long as he never falls behind again... He can consider himself satisfied. His personality would brighten as he found himself spending time with others again, but only solemnly. He found that even if he were to have some sort of destiny, some fate to call his own, that it would be a path he wanted to walk alone.

He now resides within the Kuronian Empire, fighting under their faction banner. He wasn't particularly patriotic about it; in fact he would solemnly even affiliate himself with the place. It was just another space to exist in to him. However should their goals line-up with Nara's own desires, perhaps he would be more swayed into working with them a bit more emphatically.

So, whats the long story short? Nothing really yet; he's yet to live out the true story.

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