Shiranui Souma - "The Demon of Twenty Faces"

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Shiranui Souma - "The Demon of Twenty Faces" Empty Shiranui Souma - "The Demon of Twenty Faces"

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Shiranui Souma - "The Demon of Twenty Faces" S3M7gb6
"A hero is a person whose life burns brighter than any other's."

Name: Shiranui Souma
Age: 25
Faction: Solaria

Character Skill
Shiranui Style: Eternal Servitude
"All Synchro Monsters in your Extra Deck are considered Zombie Type in addition to their regular type. Whenever you Special Summon a Zombie Type Synchro Monster it's considered as a succesful Synchro Summon."

Deck Name: Shiranui Style: Flame of the Otheworld
Deck Description: Housing the Shiranui archetype along side various other Zombie-type monsters, the deck uses the graveyard as it's main source of monsters, often banishing them for various effects like destruction or battle immunity. The deck's main power comes from the Extra Deck in the forms of various Synchro Monsters such as the Sword and War Gods, Shiranui, or Xyz Monsters such as Numbers 23: Lancelot, Ghost Knight of the Underworld or with the use of the Shiranui Style technique "Eternal Servitude", Adreus Keeper of Armageddon.

Personality Description:

The Shiranui family wasn't a huge family, but it had it's fair share of fame. Mostly because of their biggest treasure, the Shiranui Sword which is said to hold tremendous power and host a spirit inside it. They were also known for their unique sword technique, the Shiranui Style. But when the meteors came their households were decimated into nothing and the entire family was presumed to have died. That wasn't exactly true, for the past years they managed to survive generation after generation protecting their sword. Believeing it to be the only chance for both humanity and earth, but the sword was sealed by what appeared to be magic. They started talking between eachother, about how whoever will unseal the sword shall become the hero and savior of both humanity and earth itself. Each male trained hard, from generation to generation in hopes to be the savior.

But they never came.

Hope slowly started to drain, each generation failed and the family slowly stopped believing in the only reason they continued to fight on. The new generation came, and it was the turn of Shiranui Souma to try and unseal the sword after years of training. It started on the Solarian grounds where the preaching of the King and the Queen were strong. The boy started hard, mastering the art of Shiranui Style in record time. Everyone's smiles returned to them as hope was refilled. "Could he be? This buy? Will he do it?" they asked themselves. When the boy came of age it was his time to shine, everyone's eye were focused on him. The sword given to him.. and then..

He did it.

The sword was drawn, the presumed magic seal was broken. Silence engulfed the surroundings as everyone stared in disbelief. Shortly after this lack of sound was broken by countless screams and tears of happiness, one person after another they hugged Souma tightly. For the next few years, he was treated like a god untill he grew old enough to lead the Shiranuis to glory and salvation. Sadly enough, everyone put their effort in training the boy for combat, but not how to live. The words of the Solarian King and Queen really got to his head and his mind was set. He didn't want to bring salvation to the humans and earth, he wanted to serve the Queen, charmed by her words and looks.

Souma backstabbed his entire clan, no he didn't slaughter them or anything but left them injured and took the sword with him to the main base of Solaria.

The sword itself carried no special properties.. but it was however possessed by a spirit of a legendary swordsman.. something Souma told nobody about, the spirit gave him outstanding swordsman skills, as well as absolute mastery of the Shiranui Style. However that was all the sword had going for it.
After showing his skills in both swordplay and dueling to the higher ups at Solaria, Souma was easily recruited and posed in as one of the Queen's guard.
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