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Cassius Cedric LclfOwu_zps1n5ihi2l

World So Cold
Lift Me Up
To Glory

Name: Cassius Cedric


Faction: Kingdom Of Soralia

Deck Name: Primal Soul

Deck Description: Bujin, a deck built around getting one of four Beast-Warrior type monsters on the field. Another focus is protecting the Beast-Warrior type monsters with the effects of Bujingi monsters; monsters that have effects that either activate via discard, or by banishment from the graveyard. Once Xyz monsters are summoned they pave the way to victory while also being buffed and protected by special monster effects in the graveyard and hand.

Ace Unit: Bujintei Susanowo

Character Skill: Spirit Animal: Life Cycle - Once per turn, during your end phase, if you control no Xyz Monsters, you may activate this effect: Search your deck for up to one monster with "Bujin" in its name, and then discard one "Bujin" card.

Personality Description: Very compassionate, fair, responsible over his allies, devout, charismatic, and hard-headed.

Cassius' father was a stonemason and his mother a member of a church choir. When he was 14 his parents were put to death on account of his father building a headstone to honor the death of a supposed heretic. Cassius hid from the king's men as they drug his family out of his home tearing his faith away from the kingdom and it's law. Now homeless he was starved and battered by the elements, he experienced true pain and sorrow. For three long years the only companions he could hope to make were beasts, they seemed to pity him. Eventually the beasts couldn't help him, he was beaten down and "put in his place" by some thugs. He thought is was the end, until local church took him in and made him into an ardent follower of their beliefs. Thus he joined a group of knights under the church. The other knights were infatuated
with his strength developed through his will, and within seven years became an unofficial of their order.
In his mind, he was saved. He believed it was due to the goddess Sophia coming to power. When She spoke to the people he could feel her inside his heart, and her message of a utopia was clear to him. Cassius pushed himself to the edge training his body for combat and purging his mind and actions of sin. He would partake is serving her someday, his dream was to make what he believed her dream to be come true.

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