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Post by Vermillion Lancer on Sat Mar 28, 2015 11:33 pm

There are three major factions remaining in the world warring for control over the city of Tsularia.  A fourth faction desires independence for its city.

Kuronian Empire
The 4 Factions Tribal_22_red_by_kuroakai-d4jso3q
Description: …  It’s an empire (Shocking, I know.)  The emperor is an idealist who believes the world is wrong, and must be put to trial by fire.  With the most power military in the world, the Kuronian Empire has become the largest faction. The citizens are content with the way it is run for the most part, as the emperor is extremely intolerant of corruption and treats his followers as best as possible, while destroying those who oppose his new world.
Led by: Keter Kuronia, "Crown of the Black Sun"
Leader Deck: Red-Eyess
Headquarters: School
Members: "Nephilim," Hisu Hanamura,

Republic of Mizunia
The 4 Factions Water_symbol_by_craxal-d3ctanu
Description: The last remaining democracy in the world.  Its current prime minister (Screw yo American ways) strives to create a peace in the remnants of the world.  However, because of their refusal to accept the ways of the other 2 major factions, they attempt war with a much weaker military.  Their citizens have the highest standard of living between the 3 major factions.
Led By: Typheus Ranton
Leader Deck: Spiral
Headquarters: Waterfront
Members: Aduain Siorc, Yuu Shinohara

Kingdom of Soralia
The 4 Factions Tenchi__s_6_Lighthawk_Wings_by_EpicBlargman
Description: A corrupt religious kingdom.  The “king” is a figurehead controlled by the head of the primary religion in the kingdom.  High-ranking members of the military and politics are “holy knights” who care more for lining their own pockets than the people around them.  The religion is used to brainwash the peasants into believing nothing is wrong, while horrible inhumane things happen behind the scenes.
Led By: Aracelia Noxfilia
Leader Deck: tellarknight
Headquarters: Church
Members: Nero Kurosaki, Kaze Natsume, ???

Carvas Rebellion
The 4 Factions FP7x
Attribute: DARK
Description: A rebellion made of people in the last free city of the world, currently being attacked by all 3 major factions.  They choose to oppose not only the 3 major factions, but the very state of the world.  Though they cannot change it by themselves, the believe that they can be the Vanguard in the path to change.
Led By: Sho Arizaki "The Phantom Raven"
Leader Deck: Blackwing
Headquarters: Café
Members: Muse Ryuusei, ???

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