Luna "Sophia" Solaris "The Goddess of Rebirth"

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Luna "Sophia" Solaris "The Goddess of Rebirth" Empty Luna "Sophia" Solaris "The Goddess of Rebirth"

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Luna "Sophia" Solaris "The Goddess of Rebirth" Ice_queen___esdeath_by_raizo35-d85a37g
Soralia Theme:
Luna's Battle Theme:
Sophia's Awakening/Summon:
Name: Luna "Sophia" Solaris

Age: 32

Faction: Soralia Leader

Deck Name: Servants of the Goddess
Deck Description: Zefras that utilize Pendulum Summon to spam themselves out and perform either Ritual, Fusion, Synchro or Xyz Summon to overwhelm the enemy. Will eventually unlock the ability to call forth the Goddess of Rebirth, Sophia.
Character Skill: Devotion to the Goddess
Whenever you successfully perform a Pendulum Summon, you may add a Zefra monster from your Deck or Graveyard to your Extra Deck faceup, except those with the same name as the Pendulum Summoned monsters.

[Locked] The Goddess' Ascension
If your LP is 1000 or less and you have at least 1 Xyz monster, 1 Synchro monster, 1 Fusion monster, and 1 Ritual monster in your graveyard and control no monsters, you may banish all face-up monsters from your extra deck and graveyard.  If you do, Special Summon 1 "Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth" from your hand or deck, ignoring its Summoning Conditions.  If summoned this way, banish all cards from your deck.

Personality Description: To the people of Soralia, Luna is a holy woman that stands for all that is right and good, a goddess descended from the heavens. She is kind, loving, and a protector of the kingdom. But from the shadows, Luna is cold, black heart, manipulative, and calculating woman that enjoys nothing more than to show the world the true color of man. While her predecessors and priests merely use the religion as a means of power, Luna truly believes she is the Goddess personified and that it is her right and duty to lead the world under her divinity.

Awakening of a Goddess:
When was it that it all started? When did the world's balance overturned and became a world of evil? Luna does not remember. All she can remember was a time of peace as one of the Hierarch's priestess. He was such a kind man, picking her up from the dirty, filthy streets and giving her a place in the Church. Truly the Goddess had sent him to save her. No that wasn't it. The Hierarch must have sensed her divinity. He was a wonderful man before the illusion was broken. Yes, thats when it must have started. Was it a precognition? Perhaps her divine powers were awakening? Luna doesn't know. All she knows is that she listened to a urge to silently follow the Hierarch to the secret room under the statue of the Goddess. What she saw could only be described by one word. Sin. No. Sins. It wasn't even a room. A corridor of sins. Then suddenly her memory went hazy. There was visions and memories of horrible pain. It was too painful to try and remember fully. But the most painful thing she did remember and what broke her, was the look on the Hierarch face. It was twisted, cruel, full of lust and excitement. This wasn't the face of her savior. A man Luna would call her father. A man that is suppose to represent the Goddess. It broke her completely. No. Not broke. She was awakened.

Luna remembered waking in her bed, as if she had woken from a nightmare. Had it been only a nightmare? She had tried looking for the secret corridor of sins but was unable. The Hierarch had continue his routine and facade as well, as if believing he had her still in his illusion. But he was wrong. She knew his true form. She knew the true form of man. Luna had awoken. No. Not Luna. Sophia. The Goddess has awoken. And it was time to save the world from its corruption. But she couldn't yet do it in her current state. She would have to bide her time as she regained her full power. And she knew exactly how. The first step was to take this kingdom, this lie of a religion and use it to wreak havoc on the world. The world must show its true colors. The colors of sin. And to do that, she would need the position of Hierarch. Sophia was all too ready to bring her judgment down on the Hierarch and show what he really is.

It wasn't hard either. Apparently he had been waiting to corrupt Luna and train her to be his personal assassin and much more. Playing along with his game, she let him train her. When he was done with her, Sophia became a deadly force for the Hierarch. She assassinated many political and religious members for his greed and satisfied his lust in bed. Then came her chance. Bribing the royal and "holy" knights as well as the priests and priestess of the Church with promises of riches and power, Sophia kidnapped the crown princess of Soralia in the dead of night then allowed the knights to rape her before assassinating her. Then Sophia had the body hidden within the secret corridor while hiding the murder weapon within the Hierarch's room. Once the King learned that the princess was missing, he demanded the entire kingdom to search for her. This was when Sophia came to the King and told him a story of seeing the Hierarch taking the princess down to a secret room under the statue of the Goddess and coming out with nothing but a bloody dagger and returning to his room. In an outrage, the King sent his knights to search the Church completely. When the secret corridor was discovered and the dead body of the princess was found as well as finding the bloody dagger in the Hierarch's room, the King had the Hierarch as well as the priests and priestess of the Church executed, except the one that had willing to reveal the truth of the Church, Sophia and those she had mentioned were "innocent" of the sinful acts done in the Church. Sophia had explained that this was the will of the Goddess that had wished to punish those that had corrupted her will and thus was named the new Hierarch of the Church. Thus began a new era for the Church.

Once Sophia's position was in placed, Sophia began the next phase of her plan. The kingdom was slowly falling in love with her, including the King, as well as seeing for the goddess that she really was, though she kept her "true" identity a secret and was still using Luna as her name. Once she had fully wormed herself into the heart of the people, Sophia allowed the priests and priestess to returned to their sinful acts and even pushed them to influence the people to join in though she herself pretended to be ignorant of such things. Even the King began to partake in such sinful acts, especially that of lust as Sophia seduced the King in order to tighten a control over him.

Now that Sophia had what she felt was complete control over the kingdom of Soralia and had revealed their true sinful form, she began to focus on the final piece of the plan. The war. Just the sins of Soralia was not enough to regain her full power. Oh no. The entire world must show their true colors. And with this war, she would do just that. Chaos, bloodshed, destruction, suffering, greed, despair, death. She would push Soralia to annihilate all the faction in the name of the Goddess, her name, promising the King that he would become the supreme ruler of the world. A god among men. And when that time comes, Sophia will awaken her true form, kill the King and will take her place as the Supreme Goddess of the World, destroying those that would oppose her divinity and rewarding those that serve her faithfully. The world of sins that man has created will become a paradise under her rule.


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