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Rena Yayoi "The Dark Sorceress" Empty Rena Yayoi "The Dark Sorceress"

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Rena Yayoi "The Dark Sorceress" 3621249_640px
Dark Sorceress Battle Theme:
Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon Theme:
Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon Theme:
Name: Rena Yayoi

Age: 27

Faction: Carvas Rebellion

Deck Name: Revolution Magic
Deck Description: Dark Magician centered deck that includes Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon and eventually Timaeus. Will develop into a Pendulum Magician deck with Odd-Eyes and Odd-Eyes Rebellion.
Character Skill: Defying Fate
Once per turn, banish up to 3 Spellcaster monsters in the Graveyard, then apply an effect based on the number of monsters banished:
1: Increase or decrease the level of a Spellcaster monster you control by 1.
2: Set 1 Spell Card from your Deck. It cannot be activated till the end of your opponent's next turn.
3: Special Summon a Spellcaster monster from your Graveyard, it cannot attack this turn.

Personality Description: Rena is usually calm minded, her rage only ignited at the sight of bloody battlefield that includes deaths of the innocence. As Rena she is kindhearted, motherly, and always ready to ease the pain of others. But under her Dark Sorceress persona, she keeps herself mysterious, cold, and always in the shadows. She can be bloodthirsty, ready and obviously enjoying the suffering to those that catches her wrath.

Rena used to be a happy go lucky child living in the city of Tsularia. She lived a good life with her family. That is till the city became a battlefield for the three factions. She watched in horror as soldiers of Kuronia burned down her home along with her mother and baby sister. Her father was forced to fight for Kuronia as a means to live and protect Rena. For many traumatizing years she and her father served Kuronia in order to continue surviving. However, one day Rena's father went to fight against forces of Mizunia, but never came back. It was only when she was tossed out into the streets that she was told her father had been killed.

Rena had to do whatever she could to survive, sometimes gaining help from others that were affected by the war and sometimes giving herself to the lust of men. However, she also decided to take revenge. There were nights where Rena would don a mask, take her deck and her father's card, Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon, and attack and torture to death a soldier of one of the three factions, sometimes if she was lucky, a more important person. She wasn't picky. She needed to do this. She was angry, in sorrow, despairing. Someone had to pay for her tragedy, someone had to fight the fate destiny had thrown at them. Rena became infamous, given the title as The Dark Sorceress and wanted by all three faction, the sight of her mask instilling fear at the torment her dark dragon would bring those caught in her sight.

After a year or two of this lifestyle, Rena's attacks as the Dark Sorceress slowed down, then eventually stopped. The war was escalating and her infamy was reaching a point where she was almost as wanted as a high ranked commander. She went into hiding in an area not heavily ravaged by war that was under the dominion of Mizunia as they were the most "decent" faction of all three under Rena's eyes. She hid her mask and Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon, never taking them out again and began to live the rest of her life quietly there, watching in sorrow as the war continued and helping out those in need that she could without catching attention.

After many years, something caught Rena's attention. Someone had rallied up people of the city to fight back against the factions and their war. A Rebellion. At first the idea of such a thing did not convince Rena that it would have any chance. Many had tried and had failed. She had tried and failed. Yet this "Phantom" or "Raven" made her feel something she never thought she would feel. In her despaired-filled box that was her soul, Rena felt...hope. Could he do it? Could he accomplish what no one could and end this bloody war once and for all? Feeling a rekindling spark inside her, Rena once more donned the mask and took out her father's dragon that she had put away for years, becoming the Dark Sorceress once more. She would fight again, but not for revenge. This time, she would do it in the name of the Carvas Rebellion, in the name of true freedom and peace.


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