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Post by Vermillion Lancer on Sat Mar 28, 2015 11:10 pm

Over 500 years ago, a massive meteor shower struck Earth. It went on for weeks, decimating the population and civilizations. The air was filled with ash and dust, the sun blocked out by clouds, Nuclear weapons were detonated by the meteors, cities toppled, mountains crumbled. The entire world was left in ruins. Humanity spent centuries recovering from the calamity, reorganized into completely different ways. Conflict continued, but in a new way to prevent further damage to the environment and to compensate for humanity’s low population. From the meteorites, we gained access to a crystalline material capable of projecting holograms with mass. Using this new material, Dueling became the new form of warfare. In most places, the strongest took the title of leader, while small pockets held on to the ways they were familiar with.

In the continent that used to be Africa, the Kuronian empire began. A dynasty was born, keeping its power through the blessings of the sephirot, found by the first emperor of Kuronia. With the power gained from it, the entire continent of Africa and the Middle-East was taken. At some point in the generation before the current emperor, the tree was found by hostiles and damaged, causing disaster in the empire and giving birth to the Infernoids.

Soralia began in the remnants of Vatican City. It created a new religion based on the “gifts” given by the meteor shower, allowing itself to spread quickly. Hierarchs are chosen based on the most influential priest at the death of a Hierarch. Kings are chosen based on how easily manipulated they are by the Hierarch.

Mizunia was created from the ashes of North America. United by shared despair, the nations banded together to assist each other in the years to come, realizing that competition would get them nowhere. They also managed to find union with surviving governments in East Asia and South america, creating a multi-continental republic.

The Carvas Rebellion began within only the past few years. The city of Tsularia had remained independent from the rest of world since the calamity. Through co-operation and consensus, it was fairly wealthy and its citizens allowed to live in luxury. However, this eventually caused it to become a target for the main factions. The initial invasion by the three factions was fairly short, the entire city being conquered by one of the factions within months. Battle continued for several years, with Kuronia having the advantage. Innocent civilians were constantly dragged into the fighting, but they were too afraid to fight back. That is, until someone appeared to lead them against their invaders to their Freedom. Someone who would show them how to be Survivors. With the appearance of this person, many citizens finally took up arms to fight for their own beliefs.

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