Shushoku Hakki - "The Devil's Blue Flame"

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Shushoku Hakki - "The Devil's Blue Flame" Empty Shushoku Hakki - "The Devil's Blue Flame"

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Shushoku Hakki - "The Devil's Blue Flame" L1qbTMi
"Let me say this to start, I am fairly strong!"

Name: Hakki Shushoku
Age: 21
Faction: Kuronia

Deck: Infernoids
Deck Description:
Ace Card: Hundred-Eyes Dragon
>Numbers 14 - Greedy Sarameya
>Numbers 31 - Abel's Devil
>Numbers 13 - Cain's Devil
(Acquired through developement:Numbers C1000, Numbers Ci1000)

Character Skill:

"Ascension of the Bluish Black Flames"

Every monster on your side of the field is considered an "Infernoid" monster (this does not work with Void Imagination), every "FIRE" monster on your field, hand, graveyard and banish is also considered "DARK".

Cards I'd like to reserve for Developement, subject to change. (Will move to deck section once I post it):
Ultimaya Tzolkin, Chaos Numbers 1000, Hundred-Eyes Dragon, Beelze, Beelzeus probably more


Believeing that might makes right, Hakki gives the weak the worst kind of treatment, as if they were even lower than Human. As for the weak, for Hakki these people are like stair steps, something he has to overcome and eventually walk on each single one of them to reach the ultimate strenght.
He's a man confident in his combat skills, utilizing any means necessary to grow stronger and stronger untill there is no one anywhere close to be as strong as he is, or stronger. Hakki will not bow before anyone, except those above him. Namely, the Emperor of Kuronia, the man who in Hakki's eyes is a rival, someone to overcome.


Hakki and his family were fugitives on the Kuronian lands, refusing to give in to the Emperor's demand. Their past is that of any ordinary family with a child born in the age of war and it really requires no going into details. Their ran and ran from the Kuronian forces for what seemed like an eternity, but there was only so much space on the island and it was inevitable for them to get caught. Ofcourse, not without a fight. All three family members tried to defend themselves against Kuronian soldiers in the mortal game of Duel Monsters.

Without much of a surprise they slowly lost. After all your everyday man is no match for a trained soldier. Hakki remained as the only one standing defending himself to the best of his ability, fueled by survival instinct alone.. this endurance against soldiers was something really amazing, but in the back of his mind he knew that he was weak compared to how strong his opponents are. He knew that the weak are destined to be put down like his parents. Yet, he refused to lose, he refused to die here.

He wanted to become strong, and survive.

Suddenly, the time froze and a circle of blue flames erupted around Hakki and then engulfed his entire being, he screamed in pain not even sure what was happening.

"Is strenght what you seek?" a voice asked from inside the flame.
"Give in to the flames, and your wish will come true." another added.

Hakki didn't even need to respond, it was as if these voices could read his mind and knew the answer instantly. Time was sent in motion again and the flame exploded, pushing the soldiers back and burning Hakki's deck to ashes which then formed into a new one. Unsure what happened, he simply continued. And as the duel went on, the Kuronian Forces were obliterated as if they were nothing.
"Weakness is a sin." Hakki whispered to himself in a moment of realization that in order to get anywhere in this world strenght was required. And to gain strenght he needed to aim the highest he could.

Time passed, Hakki somehow got recruited into the Kuronian Empire, devastating every battlefield he was sent on leaving nothing but blue flames in his wake. Nobody even knew his name except Lord Kuronia himself, which gave birth to the nickname "Devil's Blue Flame", a name that inspired fear in any enemy soldier.

These feats caused Hakki to quickly climb the ranks of the Empire, ending up as an Elite Soldier.
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