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Post by Vermillion Lancer on Sat Apr 04, 2015 3:40 pm

These are events that can occur at any time without needing consent from the host, but require consent from faction leaders it may affect.

Polluted Area
Pollution will occasionally gather in an area.  It must be cleaned out, or a faction controlling the polluted area will not gain benefits from it for a period of time.  The pollution will be represented by a Cloudian deck.  If the Cloudian deck is defeated, the pollution will be cleaned.  If the Cloudian deck wins, the pollution is not cleaned and the area does not count towards faction benefits.

Resource Battle
Two factions will battle over control of resources, such as food or water.  Possible benefits will be established later.

Territory Battle
Two factions battle over one of the territories. The winner will obtain the territory and all benefits provided by it.

More generic events will be added in the future.

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