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Phantom Wing - "Tsubasa" Empty Phantom Wing - "Tsubasa"

Post by Kibbles on Mon Mar 30, 2015 1:38 am

"Even in the depths of night, when no other bird dares to take flight, one alone soars to shine the light of righteousness on the world's blight."

Yatagarasu ~ The Gentleman Thief Who Dances in the Black Night

Phantom Wing - "Tsubasa" Latest?cb=20100801123536

Name: "Tsubasa", also referred to as "The Wing of Darkness"

Age: ???

Faction: ???

Deck: Both known decks lost, current unknown
Character Skill: "The Legendary Raven" - ???
Domain: Equipped with what seems to be a Stolen Domain, details unknown

Personality: The winged phantom's persona has been described as "benevolent". A being of mercy who envelops those under her wing like she would her own children. Even giving her foes warnings and chances should they ever lay eyes upon her. Also noted to be excessively overconfident, evidenced by her calling cards, which herald her arrival. But only rarely does one ever see this knightmare, as by the time her selected destination is hit, it is days before anyone notices.

Background: Details of history unknown. Some pieces of information were gathered into a secure database that has yet to be deleted, so it is assumed she knows nothing of it, cannot hack in, or simply doesn't care. Crimes involving the one of this title she bares have been marked and noted from the beginnings of the history of time. Only recently was she allied with a young man and dubbed one of the twin "Shadow Wings". Yet, this mysterious entity was caught in the midst of battle, lost after a well laid trap of multiple explosives.

Despite this plan, a corpse was never found. Even worse, the land of Tsularia received a calling card. Letting them know she's still alive, or there is some sort of line of succession as previously believed. But this one read something that sent a chill down the collective spine of humanity:

"Let's dance, boys."

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