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Unite Synchronization Empty Unite Synchronization

Post by Kibbles on Sun Mar 29, 2015 5:50 pm

*Deck is subject to change with character development. Will convert to Speed Roids, and they are reserved. However, they will be traded to return to Synchrons.

Debris Dragon
Effect Veiler
Glow-Up Bulb
Jet Synchron
Jet Synchron
Junk Synchron
Junk Synchron
Level Eater
Quickdraw Synchron
Quillbolt Hedgehog
Quillbolt Hedgehog
Rush Warrior
Rush Warrior
Synchron Carrier
Synchron Explorer
Synchron Explorer
Unknown Synchron

Foolish Burial
Galaxy Cyclone
Mind Control
Mystical Space Typhoon
One for One
Reinforcement of the Army
Soul Charge
Starlight Junktion

Call of the Haunted
Graceful Revival
Jar of Avarice
Limit Reverse
Powerful Rebirth
Reinforce Truth
Scrap-Iron Statue
Starlight Road
Synchro Barrier Force
Synchro Material
Wave Force

Extra Deck

Armory Arm
Clear Wing Synchro Dragon
Drill Warrior
Formula Synchron (acceleration theory not developed, accel synchro impossible for the time being)
Jet Warrior
Junk Archer
Junk Destroyer
Junk Warrior
Nitro Warrior
Road Warrior
Stardust Dragon
Stardust Spark Dragon

Cards to be developed into:
Accel Synchron
Stardust Warrior
Shooting Star Dragon
Dragocytos Corrupted Nethersoul Dragon
Divine Spark Dragon Stardust Sifr (Final Evolution)

Stardust Re-Spark
Oasis of Dragon Souls

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